You know you're desperate when you are holding a contest on your blog to name your baby.

With that being said, I am holding a contest on my blog to name our baby.

Erik and I still can't agree on baby names, we're not even close. I'm beginning to wonder how we ever named Luke. We've gone through the Bible Dictionary and all sorts of family history files. I'm looking for a good first name. Middle names are easy because they are like the token answer I give when Erik suggests a strange name, for example: "Wow, Erik, Juan and Nigel are interesting suggestions. Maybe as a middle name?" So, put on your thinking caps and give me your suggestions. You could win a free pizza! WOWZERS. (Sorry, a pizza's all I can offer. I'm having another baby, cash is tight. )

The Rules

1. Each person is limited to suggesting no more than 5 first names.
2. Entries must be submitted as a comment to this post.
3. If you can give me a reason why a certain name is significant, you will probably have a better chance of winning.
4. Everyone is eligible to play regardless of where you live, except Erik.
5. If we choose your name, you receive a free large pizza on me, delivered to your house. (We'll work out your address and other details later.) I'm not talking a Little Cesar's $5 pizza either, it'll be at least Papa John's or whatever your favorite kind in your town is.
6. The contest closes when we choose a name.
7. I reserve the right to not use any of the suggested names because you people might be crazy.


  1. Should I do all five individually?

    1. Noah. It's just a good, solid name.

    2. Jacob. Same reason.

    3. Jens. A little off the wall, but fabulously Danish.

    4. Justin. It's my little brother's name and he is such a sweet kid (you know, as a 28-year-old with two of his own).

    5. William. It's a family name and I love it. Prince William. You can call him "Wills", or just Will. But not Bill or Billy. Gag! (I apologize to anyone I just offended.)

  2. 1. Trevin
    2. Mason
    3. Brody
    4. Trace
    5. Kai

    I don't have meanings for you - but we are trying to complete our boy name list and these were some of my favorites. Since we don't know each other, I figured I could share the secrets with you! Good luck!!! We are in the SAME boat!

  3. 1.) Will (not william, so different than Chloe's) Sounds great with Luke. "these are my boys, Luke and Will.
    2.) Collin (Collin Firth!)
    3.) Frederik (danish)
    4.) Cole
    5.) Charlie (our fathers name)

  4. YEAH...I was finally able to get to your post before there were 16+ comments! This will hopefully allow me more suggestions-that aren't already taken. Not having a son of my own yet, I haven't really thought much about boys names, and I refuse to share our first son's name. Sorry, it's TOP SECRET :)!
    So, here are my suggestions:
    1) Tristin (come on, don't you want a child with a name that rhymes with yours?!?!)
    2) Clark
    3) Ethan
    4) James
    5) Jake (short for Jacob- but yes, different than Chloe's). My cousin's name is Jacob, he goes by Jake and Jacob. His younger brother is Luke. So it was a name popping out at me!

    Good luck in choosing!! Let's hope this baby doesn't come early! :)

  5. Ok, here are my suggestions:
    1. Alek (danish)
    2. Aleksandar (danish)
    3. Dillon (or Dylan)
    4. Chandler
    5. Dietrich (danish)
    I was trying to stay within the danish family, because I think it is important to have a throw back to your heritage - whether it is first or middle name!
    Good Luck!!!

  6. Logan

    I prefer names that can't be shortened. Logan is what we named our now 19 month old boy. It was one of those names we picked out before we were ever planning to get pregnant and it just stuck. He is such an amazing child with the cutest dimples ever!!

  7. I love names so I'm delurking.

    1. Tanner
    2. Jaedon (or Jayden, however you like to spell it)
    3. Carson (my brother's name; kind of unusual)
    4. Jarren (like the guy in that music duo: Evan and Jarren)
    5. Jackson (my cute little cousin's name, although his name is spelled differently)

  8. Well since we are having a girl, I figure I can spill some of my favorite baby boy names.

    1. Taylor
    2. Hayden
    3. Alden/Aldan
    4. Preston
    5. Hunter

  9. Looks like you got a lot of suggestions for William, which I think is great, and boy could I really say LAME to a lot of other ones, but those will remain nameless so I don't hurt anyone's feelings! :)
    SO, William, Frederik (Freddie for short), Charlie is cute as long as you don't call him Chuck, no offense! Wesley (like Princess Bride) or I do like Carl after GRandpa. But as you know we have already discussed many of these options! Love you!

  10. Honestly, if we have another boy, I'm probably going to need a contest also! But here are my favorites:
    1. Gavin - our son's name (and isn't he a cutie?). For me, I like a name more if I knew someone with the name that I liked. So with the name Gavin, it was one of my favorites since all the Gavins I've ever known were really good looking and really nice. :-)
    2. Joshua - Again, every guy I've ever known with this name has been really sweet and really cute. But we can't use it because Josh Ashby sounds like a tongue twister. (and also the name Jack is one of my favorites, but I know someone else already suggested it. Jack Ashby... can you guess why we wouldn't want to use that one?!) :-)
    3. David -biblical name and also pretty popular (just a thought... if you use a name that's different and something really uncommon, he might get jealous that his brother has a "normal" popular name... not sure if it matters to you, but it would to me since it still bothers me that I'm the only one in my family with a less than popular name - the rest of my siblings? Michael, Tyler, Kimberly, and Karin. I know that people have heard of the name Susanne, but most of the people I've ever met with my name are my parents age).
    4. Ryan (I think Luke & Ryan sounds good together)
    5. Nathan - my hubby's name... but I've liked this name since I was little. :-)
    Okay, sorry for the novel! Good luck!!!

  11. 1. Frederik- its totally cool, has Erik's name in it without it being a junior, and freddie for short is so cute- lots of classic characters are named Frederik and i would love to use it but couldn't without giving our kid a complex...cause of the last name, you know...I know 2 people have already put this but I talked to you about it AGES ago, so I should have first dibs :)
    2. Harrison- Erik has met the guy and he's played cool characters like Indiana Jones, Hans Solo, which by the way ties his name to Luke without screaming "Star Wars Geeks!" - but you couldn't call him Harry unless you told people he was named after his father. :)
    3. Johann- then you could call him "Yo" for short- "Yo Lassen!" :)
    4. Peter- I know we have an Uncle Peter but I like the name and it is not crazy common these days, but still a cute name for a little boy and a good name for an adult
    5. hmm, I just had one and totally forgot it- I'll have to try and remember and get back to you- Good luck!

  12. I feel for you....it took bribery for us to name Sarah (I bribed Greg that if he went with Sarah and IF we had another girl...he could name her....too bad that didn't work out so well for me! Though I like Emma).
    1. Ethan - we have been holding this one since Kylee but since we only make girls....and it sounds great with William (Ethan William).
    2. Preston-recently have heard it and love it! Its one of those trendy names I guess but too cute!
    3. Malakai- I have a friend that named her son it and they call him Ki or Ky....no they were not Hawaiian....just cute little surfer people.
    4. Dylan-I think I tried to get Susanne to name Gavin - Dylan.
    5. Joseph....I love the nickname Joe...just not Joey.
    As a funny side note: when asked what to name our 2nd from several friends I was given the suggestion of "Sadie" which is a really cute name but come on people Sadie Hopkins!

  13. Benjamin - The name of Erik's favorite cousin and my hubby's name.
    Derek - Because it rhyms with Erik. And it has a "k" to be matchy with Luke.
    Jude - After the Beatles Song.
    Liam - Liam Lassen for "LL" - I liked having my name Leslie Lake.
    Ethan - My son's name. Like Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible.

    Just for kicks and for Erik there is always ELVIS!

    P.S. I like the Round Table Pizza King Arthur's Supreme with no onions - Thanks! :)

  14. Jack (like Jack Bauer cuz he's just awesome!)

    Dwight (like Dwight Schrute cuz he's funny)

    Kermit (need I say more?)

    Moroni (as in Captain of the Nephites!)

    Man am I looking forward to that pizza! Those other suckas don't even stand a chance!

  15. First Pick: Elvis. Not like Elvis Presley, more like Elvis Costello. Very cool.

    Second Pic: Cole. Nothing says cool like Cole.

    Third Pic: Anderson. First names that sound like last names are in right now. Anderson Ian Lassen would be slick.

    Fourth Pic: David Jacob Lassen. Yeah you know that's cool.

    Fifth Pic: Jake Lassen. Jake is just a cool name and since everyone else here agrees with me...

    Look, I really need this pizza guys. I haven't had a good pizza in like, years. I don't get a lot of opportunities to eat a really truly good pizza. So just send me the pizza. I mean, I've given you some good suggestions and if you pick any of mine, not only will you be naming your child something awesome, but you'll be feeding me. And feeding me a really good pizza is a worth while endeavor.

  16. Wow... I should have thought of this! We don't have a name yet either, so this post really helps (kinda).
    1. James
    2. Mason
    3. Seth
    4. Jesse
    5. Keegan

    We are not using any of those so not sure how great they are. Good luck!

  17. I am such a sucker for free food, so here are my picks.

    1) Skylar
    2) Lewis
    3) Conrad
    4) Hunter
    5) Carter

  18. 1)Casey (Kasey)
    2)Lars (keeping with the Scandanavian thing)
    3)Liam (Danish)
    4)Kian (Danish)
    5) Tristan (someone else said this but I really like it) (I know she gets the pizza!
    Good Luck!

  19. How about:

    1. Elijah
    2. Gideon
    3. Henry
    4. Oliver
    5. Quinn

    The first three are names that I like, but Bryan doesn't. And the last two have already been taken by members of the family, so we won't be using any of them if we have more boys, which looks probable after having two. As a side note, hurray for the suggestion of Peter, since that's what we named our first. And also, we had our second boy last week and named him Cooper Arthur. Bryan and I keep looking at each other saying, "Is Cooper really his name?" But since we don't have any other candidates, I guess it is. Man, this naming business is not easy.

  20. Wow! At this point, I'm going to have to get REALLY creative. Everyone has listed so many names. I really like names that aren't unusual and can't be made into a girl's name very easily.

    1. Adam
    2. Mark (You could have the apostles in your family!!! Okay, that's a little weird.)
    3. Lance (not very common, but definitely a boy's name)
    4. Steven
    5. Alan

    You can tell I picked some very traditional names. I much prefer those anyway. I want you to like the name for the name.

  21. Jeremy must be really cofident in his baby-naming abilities, since he only submitted four names. He doesn't even NEED a fifth submission!
    Here are mine. Remember, these aren't MY favorite names, they're my favorite names for YOU.
    1. Niels (famous Dane)
    2. Oliver (pretty nice)
    3. Magnus (Danish name with hints of virility)
    4. Linus (the awesomest name ever, which you can totally steal since we're going to ignore you in social settings for the rest of our lives)
    5. Indiana (I bet Erik has already suggested this name more than once; this is just a shout-out to Erik)

  22. I thought I would be the first one to think of Liam, but I wasn't. Oh well.

    1. Leo--I read some other person's blog whose kid is named Leo. The live in Michigan. But they are from Mesa. Leo and Luke Lassen--too much alliteration? Okay...

    2. Laurel--in my family it's both a boy AND a girl name--my grandpa was Laurel and my mom is Laurel Ann. Again, though, probably too much alliteration. And it is kind of old fashioned. Nevermind Laurel.

    3. Ikea--doesn't get more authentic than that. Ikea Lassen. Say it. It's got a nice ring to it. They might sponsor you, too, if you ask them.

    4. Sven(n) Lassen--there is a restaurant near here called "Sven Eriksen's." It sounds so tough--like a viking. Your kid is going to need all the toughening up it can get to have a brother like Luke.

    5. Archuleta Lassen--if David A. wins american Idol, this could be monumental. I bet you'd be the first. you could call him "Archie" for short.

  23. Ok...here are my suggestions!
    1. Tanner
    2. Logan
    3. Patrick
    4. Benjamin
    5. Brandon
    Just a few of my nephews names...and they all fit them perfectly! This was a great suggestion...you should have heard some of the names my husband came up with. I hope that you find one here...although Jurgen Danger could work. he he he

  24. alright, I have to come out of lurkingism to just say that my SIL stole my ideas. Kim is my wonderful sil. I used to live in the Camarillo Stake and of course knew of the Lassens. so I have been lurking for awhile.
    I have 4 cute little boys and thought I would suggest their names, since you don't know me and who cares if you named your sweet baby after my cute boys. :) hey my sister named her boy after mine. anyway, here goes.
    since Kim took Tanner-
    my 1st is
    and since she took Logan
    2nd is McKay
    3rd Austin
    4th Gage
    5th Riley

  25. I thought I'd posted earlier, but it must not have gone through.

    1. Clay
    2. Adam
    3. Timothy
    4. Reed
    5. Nicholas

    Mainly I can just tell you which names NOT to pick. I'm good at shooting down name possibilities, not necessarily picking the best one. Although you have it worse than us because there are a zillion Lassens, so that eliminates Jacob Lasson, Joshua Lassen, John Lassen, etc. Unless you're okay with repeating names in families. Good luck!

  26. Here we go:
    1. Ezra (an amazing prophet. A short/strong masculine name and goes well with Luke)
    2. Owen (of course I'm partial to this name b/c I have an Owen and he's adorable and everyone we tell his name to loves it BUT you could have a Luke & Owen Lassen - how cool is that?..p.s. my Owen was not named after Owen Wilson in case you're now thinking that)
    3. Jonah (hello he survived being swallowed by a whale and was a great prophet. Owen was almost Jonah and this is a strong contender for #3)
    4. Gabriel (A strong name that has a great nickname)
    5. Hyrum (I love this name and Owen was Hyrum until I was 8 months pregnant. But we didn't want 2 H's. But, he was an amazing man/brother and the name is just cool)

    These are all names we've considered for baby #3 if he's a boy so no one make fun of them.

    Oh and I also like James, David, Jacob, Joshua, William, Quinn, and Henry but those were mentioned a few times so to increase my odds I went with other names:)

    Good luck.

  27. Okay here are mine!!
    1) Merrik (we chose Merrik Andreas as our boy name and then we had a girl so now my husband won't let me choose this name again... yes he is crazy.
    2) Asher-- I just think that it is cool.
    3) Leo--
    4) Adian
    5)Drake-- it means dragon and my newphew wishes this was his name I think that it is cool.
    Baby names are so hard good luck and good luck to me!!

  28. I'm pleased to announce that I have such a beloved middle name (but I'm glad it's my middle name ;-) my first name is cooler. Here's my digs (not in any order):
    Axel (Danish for Absalom)
    Jack (alt. of John)
    Alex ("defender")
    Patrick (your buddy would be honored even if it wasn't for him)
    Finn (Norse and Gaelic mythology hero, and dad's good friend)

  29. Here are a few names that I think sound good with Lassen.

    Pierce - secert agent name.
    Steve - After Steve McQueen great actor.
    Heath - After Heath Ladger awesome actor.
    Denzil - My Grandfathers name.
    Tyson - The Best name ever.

  30. 1. Evan Lassen - means "god is good" (we have an Evan and I think it sounds great with almost any last name)

    2. Corbyn Lassen - I like it

    3. MacKay Lassen - you could call him "Baby Mac"

    4. Blake Lassen- sounds good

    That's all I got

  31. Hi there: I have a list of boy names, just in case:
    1. Travis
    2. Dennis
    3. Garrett
    4. Kyle "Ky" for short
    5. Ian

    (I would have suggested Andrew...but I know the rules)
    They're pretty traditional names, but they are good solid boy names that are timeless. Good for children and adults.

  32. 1) Robert
    2) Trevor
    3) Raymond
    4) Geoffrey
    5) Stuart

    These are mostly people I know and like (Robert is my dad), but I also like the names on their own. They're popular enough to be easily recognizable but not so popular that every second kid seems to have the name, and they leave you with some nickname options.

  33. I'm sorry but when I first read this post I couldn't help but laugh because I picture your teenage son asking you one day," Mom, where did my name come from?" and you say " Well Jurgan Danger, I had a contest on my blog, and whoever picked the best name won a Pizza!" and he says" What!? Are you serious? The same blog you write on today?" ha ha ha.. WOW! There are so many names to choose from here! I can't think of any other ones really. . besides Dwight. Mom would love that..I personally don't like it. Especially since now he would have to relate to Dwight Schrute. (Caitlin)

  34. OK- so don't be too harsh on my names, remember I've never had to name a real baby before, so my names are usually just cool weird ones, that I actually might not name my child when it comes my time, but here are some more to think about.
    1.Wesley-Princess Bride
    2.Gunnar-Danish(War General)
    3.Aksel-German(Father of Peace)
    5.Rusty-It's just a cool kids name. I'd date a boy named Rusty.

    I know, probably no help, but I had fun looking at names, Good luck!

  35. This is the 3rd time I've written this post...I swear you deleted the first one...I was like #5 to post and its not there!!!
    (I did find it amusing that my weird boy names kinda made it on the list...don't you have a niece named laina also?)
    So without further adieu...
    1) Kort (need I say more? it means counselor...as in what you're going to need after having 2 boys in your home...but you COULD spell it "Court" :)

    2) JARLE (OKAY I KNOW YOU HAD TO HAVE SEEN THIS...and what?!@ did you think you could just sweep it under the carpet with all those other bad danish names??? NO...shout it out! Jarle Lassen get back inside RIGHT NOW!!! wasn't the criteria for a good name was the shout out? AND it doesn't count as an old boyfriend...AND it would put a smile (more like make you burst into laugher) every time you said it...and that would be so worth it...to have your own personal inside joke every time you spoke your sons name...plus he would probably little...like Jarle was!) I still can't believe you tried to deny it...
    The other 2 were Dylan and Niels

  36. Ok Cristin. I don't know about you two but I love names that go together and I was trying to think of what name would go good with Luke. I searched and this name has not been mentioned and I don't think you or Erik has dated someone with this name. What about Landon? Luke and Landon? Too cute. I was trying to think of a name and I love another name like Landon that I am saving but Landon is very cute too. Good luck. I'll keep thinking.

  37. We were thinking about names for our little one the other night and boy, I feel your pain in trying to find something that both of us can agree on. Here are my choices- although I like many mentioned already too:
    1. Kevin (The boy's name Kevin is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "handsome beloved".
    2. Keith (The boy's name Keith is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "woodland, forest". I had a friend Tyler Keith and they called him T.K. Loved it)
    3. Lincoln (The boy's name Lincoln is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "lake colony". Gotta love Ab Lincoln, right?)
    4. Laker (My nephew's name and he is just the cutest thing)
    5. Devin (The boy's name Devin is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "bard, poet". May also possibly mean "young deer". May also come from the French "divin", meaning "divine, perfect".)

    So that's my two cents. Can't wait to see what you name your little guy. Good luck with the delivery.

  38. OK, you've got to get the whole syllable thing right. Also, no "L's" in the name either. It just doesn't flow. So, here's my top 5 in descending order:

    5.Carver or Carter
    3.Finn (Erik's love of the sea)

    1.COBALT (ok, goes against the whole "L" thing, but it is a sweet boy name!)


  39. Okay so I like names that are easy to say, not girlish and also not extremely common. So of these I want eventually but we'll see.
    1. Jason
    2. Kent-My father-law's name.
    3.Wade It's my dads name. It's a good solid name that you don't hear a lot.
    4. Matthew-Great biblical name and a good solid name.
    5. Rhett Not heard everyday.
    Good luck-this is hard to limit to five. It always takes us until we bring the boys home to name them.

  40. I know you have no idea who i am, but i saw your blog off of tiffany pankou's blog. anyway, i dont have any boys, but some of our favorites are
    1. davin
    2. harrison
    3. tucker
    4. hans (i noticed in a few other comments that you are danish. my dads name is hans and it really doesnt get more danish that hans)
    5. sutton or sutten. kind of pottery barn-ish, but i really like it.

    good luck!!!

  41. OK...I love pizza and you don't know me. I'm Leslie Ashby's friend. So, here are my names and I don't think any have been mentioned.

    1. Shane
    2. Cody (Luke & Cody sounds cool)
    3. Sawyer

    And the last 2 are from my husband.

    4. Maximus...this is my husbands pick for you but you can call him Max.
    5. Nolan (we named our son Ryan but my husband really wanted to name him Nolan.

  42. I am SO SORRY that I took so many good boy names but I have four boys so give me a break.

    My dad was the third son and my grandma couldn't think of a name for him. The hospital told her that she couldn't go home (after two weeks--this was 1922!) until she named the baby. So she asked for a newspaper and started searching. Finally, in the obituaries, she found two guys with promising names who had died. And that's how my dad--Ross Wayne--got his name.

    There are worse things than having your name being chosen by a pizza contest!

    I have no suggestions. I have already named six children and it is exhausting.

    Aunt Gayle



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