Or should I say that I am "THE GREAT SUCKER"?

Blame it on our insane amount of traveling this past month, but Luke has been having a really difficult time going to sleep. It is like non-stop screaming, thrashing around, etc. For some reason, I can handle his crying because I know that when he gets raving mad like that, there is nothing I can do. What I can't handle, however, is that moment when he stops screaming and I can hear his little voice asking for things from his bedroom.

His most common requests:

"Fan Off!"
"Fan On!"
"Sing a song!"
"Book please!"

The other night it was "Eat pizza!" I thought it was such a funny request. Of course I totally fell for it. All I could think was, "What if the poor child is starving? I mean, he hasn't eaten for 2 hours." Within minutes I had visions of my 20 month old wasting away in his crib from lack of food and me being turned into Child Protective Services for refusing his late night request to "Eat pizza!" I took some leftover pizza out of the refrigerator, put it on the table and when I got him out of his crib, he didn't even touch it. Instead he just sat there and blabbered away, ecstatic that he had succeeded in getting out of his crib. Every time I give into one of Luke's bedtime requests, Erik laughs, "You totally fell for it, heh heh heh," as if he would never ever be so stupid to fall for the Great Manipulator. Whatever.

Last night around 9:00 p.m. I heard Luke whimpering, "Mommy, Daddy, sing a song! Sing a song!" All I could think was "BE STRONG. Do not give in." Then, 5 minutes later, I heard Erik in Luke's room belting out music from Phantom of the Opera. See, I am not the only sucker in this house.

My greatest fear is that we have to go on Supernanny and she tells us that our children are brats because we are suckers. Oh, that would be total humiliation on national television. Why do parents go on that show?


  1. Finally, It is payback time! I am soooo happy to hear their is someone who is great at manipulating YOU! Honestly, and you can ask anyone in our family who is the, "great manipulator" and everyone will say you are. Ha Ha!!!!

  2. That is really funny. I worry about the same thing, giving into Lizette. Sometimes when she is having a fit in her crib, I just want to go in the and comfort her after 5 minutes.

    I also wonder about those parents on Super Nanny.

  3. Scott Card says people who go on national TV to resolve their problems have a great need to be noticed.
    Good luck with parenthood!

  4. HAHA Kelley! Everyone Knows that YOU are the manipulator in the family! Hmm... Call me if you want some examples. (Caitlin)

  5. I think our sons are twins born in separate households. Paul woke up last night saying, "Pancake time!!!" at 2:30 AM. And all the same thoughts of my child starving to death went through my head.

  6. Sweet, innocent Luke really makes me laugh. What a smart cookie.

  7. My rule was waiting 15 minuets which can be painful, but since I started doing that she usually will only cry for a minuets or not at all at bed time.

    Kelley is so funny, but she won't be laughing when it is her kid.

  8. I got visions of the Lands Shark from old SNL epsiodes trying any excuse to get into your house and eating you! Be strong! You can do it!



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