Candy is so misleading. It always looks good, but then once you eat it, you feel sick. You know what I am talking about? I never feel good after eating lots of candy. We have been celebrating Easter for what feels like the past five days. What is with the massive amounts of junk food and candy associated with this holiday? I don't get it.

This is also our first holiday that Luke has been able and wanted to eat the candy, which adds a whole new dimension to Easter. I don't think he understood that people were putting candy in his bag on Halloween, but now he knows exactly what is in those plastic eggs and he can't get enough of it.

I have found myself wondering a lot this weekend about what kind of mother I want to be on "candy" holidays, such as Easter. Do I want to -

- be the mother that puts goldfish crackers, raisins and stickers in the eggs?
- put nothing in the eggs?
- banish him from eating candy?
- let him eat as much as he wants as long as he doesn't have his adult teeth in yet?
- throw away his candy?
- let him go hog wild until he is sick and puking up Cadbury eggs?

This picture is from last Wednesday when we did an Easter egg hunt with the playgroup in Tehachapi. In addition to the egg hunt, there was a potluck with tons of brownies and cookies. Luke, of course, gravitated towards the sweets and probably sneaked half a plate of brownies while I wasn't looking. Pretty gross. That was a miserable day. Since he was so wound up and full from the candy and sweets, he didn't take a nap or eat lunch and dinner. I have no desire to repeat Wednesday.

We got to Camarillo Wednesday night and have been eating candy non-stop. As I type this, Luke is tearing around the house at 11:00 p.m. on a major sugar high. This is another situation I do not wish to repeat. Is it possible to celebrate the holidays like "normal people" without the candy overload? My mother tried her hardest by making us trick-or-treat for UNICEF and giving out plastic spider rings - but you know what? Kids made fun of me at school by waving their plastic spider rings in my face! I know I shouldn't care what other people think, but I don't want Luke writing a blog 30 years from now about how he's "ruined" because his mother never let him eat Easter candy.

Collecting candy.

Collecting more candy. Ugh. Already feeling sick from candy.

Luke and his uncle, Jonathan, showing off their Easter bonnets.


  1. Cristin - first of all I keep checking your blog to see if you've named that blasted child already ;). Get on that please.

    Second - here's what we do (but we are FAR from the best parents out there;)). We (the Easter Bunny) gives our kids minimal candy for Easter and we give mostly toys. Hayden got things like a new Captain Underpants book, a few Book of Mormon scripture heroes (which he loves and then snuck in his church bag and had Mormon and King Benjamin fighting all during sacrament), stickers, a new church tie, etc. Owen got things like Little People missionaries, new church tie, etc. (we love to give our kids dorky toys...they're too young to know yet).

    Then we have an egg hunt with Zach's family and the eggs all have $$ in them, which sounds greedy, but I'm actually a fan of - better than candy I say. It's not a ton. Hayden got 25 eggs and came away with maybe $4.00 and one egg was a silver egg with $1.00 in it :). Owen's still a little too young for $$ so his eggs did have fruit snacks and goldfish in them. When well meaning family gives our kids gluttonous amounts of candy we give them a few dollars in exchange for said candy. Then we ditch the candy. They have $$ from the egg hunt and us buying them off and they get to go to Target and buy something they want. This works great for Hayden, Owen doesn't get it yet.

    We just throw Owen's candy away when he's asleep and he forgets all about it. But the kids still ingested far too much candy yesterday when Zach's parents, grandparents, and siblings snuck it to them when we weren't looking. Gotta love well meaning family that turns your kid into a sugar freak for a day. I figure one day of having too much sugar is better than eating it every day for 2 weeks until the candy runs out.

  2. Yeah Kimberly- I was going to say too- where's the money in the eggs?!! I like the toys idea too and fruit snacks.

    Those are some cute pictures!

  3. I agree with Kim and Kelley. One day (or weekend) on a sugar high is better that 2 weeks. I just gave Lizette goldfishes and little animal crackers this year, because 1) it is something she LOVES. 2) She likes the noise it makes when you shake it. 3) I will at least have one year when she is not on a sugar high....
    But I think the holidays are very tricky with kids and all the sugar that is around... GOOD LUCK.. I will be going through this next year, so I will learn from you.

  4. Kim - Yeah... I wish we could name the baby that easily. I know it looks like someone will get a pizza, if only my husband would agree with me. UGH. We'll get back to you.

  5. Cristin, I have to say, you look so cute! I wish I looked that cute at eight months pregnant!

    As far as the candy goes, I think that Kimberly has the right idea with putting money in the eggs. This year, the kids only got one egg of candy in their easter baskets (but lots of fun, non-candy things) and we only went to one easter egg hunt, where they got ten eggs each (you bring ten, you take ten) so I let them eat it all in one sitting and then after that was over, we're back to eating normal. I'm sure it'll get harder as they get older, but I read on babycenter, I think, that from a dentist's point of view, it's better to eat it all in one day rather than spreading it over days and days of a little at a time.

  6. We usually do money in eggs... although I forgot this year. Just dimes and nickels and maybe some quarters. My kids even get excited over pennies. We do candy... but I only hid maybe 16 eggs for each kid. They get a few pieces of candy each day over the next few days (usually as a surprise reward for doing something good or as a treat after lunch or dinner). Then at night Brandon and I finish off all the good candy. And after another week or so, I dump whatever junky candy is left that I don't want to eat, and I don't want it around for my kids to eat, just saving a bit to use as bribery or rewards, etc.

  7. I know, gramma lassen is to blame for those plastic, candy filled eggs, but it's been a very long tradition and it's hard to dissappoint and change things. We did put some quarters in some of the eggs....but Ditte and I stuffed 350 eggs so each child or teenager could at least have 15 or so eggs to hunt for.(We had about 50 of us at our Lassen Easter dinner/egg hunt/family home evening last night!) When you figure it out, let me know! It's kind of like Halloween, too...finding the happy medium between old, fun traditions and staying healthy....I just figure a couple times a year isn't going to hurt a child to much. It was fun having you and Erik and Luke here for a few days, Cristin...missing you already!
    mama/gramma lassen xoxoxoxoxo

  8. ooops...I did it again...I posted the last comment under Steffen's blog name on accident...sorry, it was really me, gramma, that wrote that one!

  9. The money idea is great...i'm going to have to use that one! We went to several Easter egg hunts but threw away most of the candy while they were distracted with other toys from their baskets. One of the egg hunts they did fruit loops cereal inside....my kids were opening the eggs and then closing them again when they found out the prize was cereal (I guess too old to be tricked). As long as your not feeding your kids candy all year long I don't think a little candy during the holidays is that bad. Also, I read in Parenting magazine or maybe Family Fun magazine last month that Candy highs are one of those myths that everyone blames things on....in the article it said kids are more likely to get "buzzed" from all the excitement and overstimulation than the candy. I thought that was interesting cause I use the candy "buzz" quite often when Kylee seems crazy!

  10. First of all...am I the only person that grew up hunting for actual eggs? We always dyed the eggs, hunted for the eggs, then made deviled eggs! Then in our baskets we got our candy.

    Second, thank you to Susanne who mentioned that eating candy at once instead of spread out over time. She is absolutely correct there. It is better to eat a whole bag of m&m's in one sitting, rather than snacking on them periodically throughout the day. And you got to watch those precious baby teeth!!!! We need those to be healthy until they are nearly 12!!! That is a long time to not worry about teeth. (ok, I will get off my soapbox now...sorry, I have an unhealthy obsession with teeth)

  11. Easter night we had everyone over for dessert and games. Zach decided to give Jonah some cheesecake and frosting. I was so frustrated with him! Every time I came back into the room Jonah was licking more and more cheesecake! His face and hnds were covered in frosting, cookies and cheesecake! Ahh! It was really hard getting him to bed that night. But what do you do? You have to let his dad be a dad. Haha I had to hide my halloween candy growing up so mom wouldn't take it all! I don't know, what's one day of indulging himself in sugar going to hurt? On the other hand.. Maybe stick with toys and money? Luke is so cute!(Caitlin)

  12. You look great Cristin! And i'm not sure what to say about the easter egg thing, we don't really have a set plan on things, i guess we just kinda do whatever each year :), sorry i'm not helpful :)

  13. Wow, that is a lot of candy, my mom was always a candy Nazi and we didnt have a lot of it anyway so I say yeah let him have it but it doesnt have to be every time its available, you can totally do the gold fish or whatever in the easter eggs. my grandpa started putting a mix of $ and candy in the eggs so it was a lot of fun to see who made out with the most cash.

    P.S. You look so awesome Cristin! :) I showed Bella the pix of luke with the bucket on his head and she laughed so hard for a long time, she loved it! :) thanks for that! :)



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