Here is a video clip of Joe Scarborough this morning on MSNBC talking about the news media's hatred of Mitt Romney.

Is it just me or does the anchorwoman seem really defensive?


  1. I hate to sound like a cliched Mormon, but if Romney is a righteous Priesthood holder in good standing with the church, Satan is going to do all he can to oppose him and keep him from any leadership positions. And it seems to be working with the media.

  2. That was AWESOME. I don't know that guys name, but he was cool, calm, and collected. The anchorwoman however, like you said, looked very defensive AND uncomfortable. She's a Romney hater too!

  3. That lady was ticked off! She was acting soo snotty! OMG! We need to get everyone to write in to msnbc and fox news to say something about it! IT is Very true and it drives me crazy everytime I watch the news! Did you get that e-mail I sent you about why they hate Mitt Romney?(Caitlin)

  4. People just can't sit on the fence anymore about what they think of Mormons. Even at Greg's work his co-workers have said that they would vote for Romney if he wasn't a Mormon. Geesh!

  5. I find it strange that people are better about not discriminating against woman or African American candidate but if you are Mormon than that is another issue. I honestly don't care if someone was a Smurf who got divorced and is Muslim but as long as I think they might be the most honest candidate and agree with most of their issues I will vote for them.

    I find it strange that Huckabee will not back out of the race. Is his only objective to take votes away from Romney. Now that Romney is out, I bet he will back out now.



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