Don't forget to vote today! I think it is very common for people in the Western United States to get discouraged about voting in the evening (after work) because the results start coming in from the East Coast. You might think, "Oh, my candidate is a lost cause now because the other guy has claimed so many delegates already. My vote doesn't matter." This is hogwash - especially if you are in California - the mother of all delegates. Your vote even matters in states where there aren't as many delegates as California like Colorado, Arizona, and Utah - every delegate counts. Wouldn't it be cool if McCain lost in Arizona? I'm digressing. Anyway, please VOTE!

For my sisters, who may be more influenced to vote by Britney Spears or someone from the O.C. , here is an old "inspiring video" starring Rachel Bilson and Adamy Brody about voting!


  1. Tyler and I woke up really early this morning, so we could vote. Tyler went to vote first, then after he came home I went to vote. I got a sticker that said, "I voted", I wore it to the gym so I could watch the CNN on the gym tv...

    I am very excited and nervous at the same time.

  2. Your right, Adam Brody influences all my decisions.

  3. Luckily Nate had a day off today so we could both vote (we share a car... a constant challenge when I need to run errands). But I was SO BUMMED that they didn't have any stickers there that said "I Voted." I mean, how lame is that?!



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