I've never been one of those people to make lists like, "I must do such and such by the time I turn 30 or else..." I've always felt that the less expectations I have for myself then the less I will be disappointed in the long run.

As for goals to accomplish by age 30, the only plan I recall making is that as 19 year olds, Erik and I both agreed that we would marry each other if we were both single by the "old" age of 30. Thank goodness that we didn't have to follow through with that.

Tomorrow I turn the big 3-0. I've been saying for a year that I am almost 30 when asked my age so that this way it wouldn't be such a shock to my ears when I really did turn 30. Good strategy, huh? Does this make me officially middle aged? I suspect that the younger twenty-somethings will say yes, and the older twenty-somethings (and beyond) will say no. And so what if 30 does make me old! Is middle age a bad thing? A few years ago, I finally realized that I'm not in high school or college anymore. I've also stopped acting surprised when people call me "ma'am" or let me rent a car without any hassle. I've also decided that all the things I'm lacking at this age (home ownership, millions of dollars in the bank, a fancy new car, an advanced degree) don't really matter when I look at what I'm proud to have accomplished in my 12 years of adult life (marriage, a bachelors degree, 1 and half kids, an airplane in the garage, an old car in the side yard and two home computers! WOW!)

Erik always asks me at what point have we "made it" or do we just give up and decide this is how it will always be. Is there some sort of point when we accept the fact that we will probably be lower middle class white trash forever (by pricey California standards) or do we keep on chugging until we hit age 80 and discover that where we were at age 30 was as good as it got?

It's never too late to set goals. So, here is my official "Things to Do Before I am 30" List:

1. Pack for our trip to Arizona tomorrow.
2. Start the dishwasher.
3. Clean the bathrooms.
4. Run the rehearsal for an upcoming Young Womens skit.
5. Watch American Idol tonight.

See - no high expectations means no great disappointments. Tomorrow will be a great day!


  1. Well maybe I'd be considered in the "older twenty-somthings" group (age 25) but I think you're not middle aged until you're at least 40! 30 just doesn't really seem that old to me. But happy birthday! I love the list. Too funny!

  2. I HATE being called, "ma'am"! Today I was just thinking how it has been 8 years since the year 2000... and I started feeling old. Then I thought, Paris Hilton is 29 and that actually made me feel much better. Does that make you feel better?

  3. happy birthday Cristin! Well as a mid 20 something i can safely say that you are still young and hot! even with a pregnancy fat face ;) have a safe trip and lots of fun!

  4. Happy birthday you old fart! (I'm only 21 and can still get away with calling people "old farts," even though I know it's terribly rude of me. Maybe when I turn 22 I'll be a grown-up...?

  5. To me, your not old at 30. I think I will feel old (even if I don't think I'm old) when I have 3 kids and they are all in school. For some reason that really scares me. I just feel like when that happens fun automatically stops.

    Even the first time when I was 17 and was called ma'am in the drive thru at In and Out, I never cared. I think there are people who think it is courteous to call people ma'am no matter what age you are.

  6. Wow, I can't believe you are SO OLD! Have a happy birthday!

  7. I just have to say that I am in the same boat. I will be thirty in the beginning of March and I feel the same way! I wish that I could have stayed 26... With my 26 year old body....I feel you pain Happy birthday!

  8. (cristin's mom) Gosh, if you're middle age, what does that make me? The day you were born, I was 25 times your age. On your 25th birthday, I was twice your age. I'm wondering how long it will be before we are the SAME age. Happy Birthday.

  9. Since I am older and wiser than you, by one whole week - 30 isn't bad at all! It's just a number. And by California standards -whatever those are, you have a good life. Live it up and have a great birthday. Welcome to the
    30's club - it's the new 20.

  10. Happy birthday Cristin! Hope your trip is fun!

  11. Happy Birthday Cristin,Love Gramps

  12. 30 and flirty! Happy Birthday!!

  13. Happy 30th Cristin! We love you just the way you are....and please realize how young 30 is! Take it from me who is now 51! I LOVED my 30's and even my 40's...I'm working on making my 50's great, too, but the jury is still out on that one! You've got so much ahead of you!
    Enjoy your weekend at Kaci's wedding!
    Love, mom Lassen xoxoxox

  14. It's all downhill from here. The other day I told Nancy, "Thirty or sixty--they're the same thing." Although when I listen to the Bob Dylan song "Maggie's Farm" and he says, "She's 68 but she says she's 54," I think, "What's the difference? If you're going to lie about your age, at least come up with an age that's different."

  15. Happy Birthday Cristin! I hope that it was great. And trust me....30 is not bad. I'm just worried about the 31 creeping up on me in a few weeks. Then I will feel like I have to grow up.



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