We are introduced to four new characters this week - plus their abbreviated backstories. That's a lot for me to balance between all the other Lost knowledge I have to keep control of in my head. So, either kill some more people off or stop introducing new people. I vote for Hurley and Karl to die next.

This episode in a nutshell:

In flashbacks we see the discovery of another "Oceanic Flight 815" in the bottom of the ocean filled with dead people. I note the important fact that the dead pilot shown on television strangely resembles Robert Goulet. The four new characters are an emotional (maybe, gay?) physicist named Daniel, an exorcist named Miles, an Amy Adams look alike named Charlotte, and a helicopter pilot named Frank. The four new people landed all over the island, so it's kind of fun to revisit old island hangouts when we find them, like the pond where Sawyer went swimming with Kate in his jeans that one time and the rocks where Desmond lost his boat. Jack, Kate, Juliet and Sayid discover Frank's working helicopter. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of gas left, so only a few folks will be able to go back to the freighter at a time.

Meantime, in Locke's group, he tells his followers that he is obeying the orders of a really tall Walt aka "Giant Walt." Sawyer insists on killing Ben, but Locke stops him. However, Ben does continue to bleed profusely throughout the entire episode. (Maybe his secret power is that he has unlimited blood because he's been bleeding non-stop through the last 3 episodes.) I get excited when Ben shoots Charlotte because that means one less character to follow, but then it turns out she is wearing a bullet proof vest (dang it). By the end of this episode, we learn that the new people have been looking for Ben since the 1970's. (We know it has been since the 70's because Ben has a sweet leisure suit on in their picture.) At the end, Ben claims to have a guy on the new folks' ship. None of this makes sense and I have to sit for 5 minutes on the couch after the show ends to figure this out in my head.



  1. (Caitlin) Thats funny that you mentioned the lady looking like Amy Adams because when i first saw her I totally thought it was Amy Adams! I've been thinking a lot about lost today and I need answers! My min keeps going through everything that has happened in the past and I'm just more confused! Why do all the expectant mothers die on the island? What happened to the rest of Ben's civilization? (I know Hurley didn't kill them all off) and when is Sun going to start showing?

  2. Really? Only a B+? I thought it was more interesting than last week's episode. Although it's bugged me for a long time that the thousands of questions never get answered and the show just gets more and more complex. But I guess that's part of what keeps people so interested.

  3. Did you ever see Cloverfield by the way? Just curious what your thoughts were on that, since it was done by JJ Abrams. (spelling?)

  4. Katie - I never saw Cloverfield, although I do really like most of the JJ Abrams movies that I've seen. I'm a little worried that I might get seasick from watching it. Most people I know that I've seen it complain about that. Have you seen it?



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