What the heck? Why do I expect anything on this show to make sense anymore?

In this Sayid-centered flash forward we learn that he is an assassin working to kill a bunch of people for Ben. Ben either a) works in a kennel or b) really likes dogs. He could be either a doctor or a vet. Who knows.

Back on the island, Kate and Sawyer are "on" again. Ben continues to bleed. Sayid trades the exorcist guy for the Amy Adams lookalike. Sayid and Desmond fly off the island in the helicopter. (The only thing missing at that point was the theme from Jurassic Park.) Oh, and the physicist determines that there is some sort of time warp between the island and the outside world.

Can we consider the time warp thing the point when Lost officially jumped the shark? Or was it the first time Locke saw Jacob in the cabin?

I am so confused at this point. Erik's theory is that Ben is making Sayid kill people for him in exchange for keeping the people that didn't make it back to civilization safe. My theory is that the guy at the end was not Ben, but his evil twin - Benjo. All I know is that Sayid should have killed Ben two seasons ago when he had the chance.

Anyway, so far, the "Oceanic Six" are:


My guesses for the other two: Jin and Sun or Claire and Sawyer.
My guess for Ben's "spy on the boat": Michael



  1. Why aren't you considering Ben as one of the Oceanic 6? We heard last night that the last "6" would be revealed next week.

  2. I really like your guess for the spy on the boat. As Matt says, Ben did give him the exact bearings to follow, and he did say the same thing to Michael as the techno-guy said to the pilot. Anyway, I think we're back to season 1 and season 2 where you don't get many answers, just a lot of questions.

  3. Ben can;t be one of the 6- because he wasn't on the plane. I don't think it will be Jin or Sun, I think it will be Sawyer for sure.

    That is a really good theory thst Ben is some how blackmailing Sayid to kill for him. Or maybe Sayid wants to kill for Ben, maybe Ben is really a good guy? I don't know, but that was a schocker.

  4. I know what a good episode. I know that everything is still really confusing right now, but atleast we know that it is all going to come to an end in a couple of seasons...

    As to Katie's comment. I don't think that Ben and Desmond count as the Oceanic Six because their names weren't on the roster and they didn't crash on the island...

  5. Unless some how Ben pretended to be a survivor.( The Others have done that before). I was really hoping Sayid in the future would have short hair and no facial hair. I guess that would be hard to pull off since he still has to play the jungle boy on the island. I'm so confused. I WANT ANSWERS!Oh but I don't think Sawyer will be one of the six because he doesn't want to leave the island. I think it might be Claire. (Caitlin)

  6. P.S. I loved how they disguised Dr. Ben's voice in the end. It was really funny because as soon as it revealed him, his voice got higher and suddenly sounded like the regular Ben. Ben Must be a good guy because if you recall, Sayid said "the day he trusts Ben would be the day he sold his soul". Or maybe he sold his soul.

  7. I don't really care who the 6th oceanic survivor is I am interested in Jacob. I need answers not more questions.

    I think it would be interesting if Michael was the spy but I hate his character so I wouldn't be happy to see him again? How would being a spy work if Walt is with him??

    I was laughing when I saw Ben bleeding because I was thinking of your last blog. It was starting to heal or he got cleaned up at the barracks.

  8. Honestly, when the show first started, I only watched a couple of episodes and then gave up because it just kept getting more confusing (plus I thought the black smoke thing was lame). After a couple of years, it seemed like EVERYONE watched this show and raved about it, so Nate and I decided to rent the first three seasons and catch up. It's still just as confusing, but soooooo good! I just wish they would answer more questions!!!

  9. Yeah, Greg and I looked at each other too over the Dr. Ben thing. Greg's comment was "this show is getting so weird!". My comment to him was "wasn't it always weird? In an addictive sort of way." Just give us answers please!

  10. The concept of the Oceanic 6 has to be based on the rescue...I think. Society wouldn't know that Ben has been living on the island, and he could have easily found a way to fabricate his name on the roster...it wouldn't be the most amazing thing he has ever done, after all he seems to have access to every piece of information in the world! I think that he is one of them, but I would be surprised if I was wrong!

  11. that should say "wouldn't" be surprised :)



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