The last of my sisters got married this weekend. I realized that during all three of their weddings, I have found myself sitting inside the temple watching the ceremony and wondering, "Is she going to say yes? Is she really going to do it? I bet she's going to back out at the last minute." Then, after the ceremony, I am in awe that they actually got married. Maybe it's just that you don't realize how important a commitment like marriage is until you are the one watching the ceremony.

Anyway, this last weekend was great, Kaci and Salesi looked great, the reception was beautiful and I learned a whole bunch of lessons that I don't want to forget.

#1 Lesson Learned: Tongans do it better.

What I mean by that is that Kaci's husband's family, who are Tongan, put on a great show during the reception. Dancing, jokes, good music. It was really fun. Are white people boring or is it just the Goodrich family that needs to liven up? (Uh, don't answer that.)

#2 Lesson Learned: Just hire a babysitter. It's totally worth it.

Erik and I decided months ago that if all possible, we were never taking a child to a wedding reception. Then Kaci announced that she would be holding her reception in Goodyear, a place where, although my parents live there, I know relatively few people. I didn't try hard enough to find a sitter for Luke and it made for a miserable time. Not only was the reception during his naptime, but it was held on a lake and he kept wanting to run into it. Since I am huge and unable to wrestle with Luke, Erik had to restrain him the entire time (see above picture for example). Not fun.

#3 Lesson Learned: It's okay to break from tradition if it makes the bride happy.

Check out Kaci's dress. Not your typical wedding garb, but it worked and she looked pretty. Other "untraditional" things she insisted on doing were: Holding the reception the afternoon of her wedding day and then getting married at 6:45 p.m. that same night. No fancy wedding cake. No daddy daughter dance. No first dance.

I really have to admire my sister's desire to make her wedding day exactly how she wanted and not to succumb to a bunch of expectations, etc. like the rest of us do.

The one thing she did succumb to was tossing her bouquet. A couple of her mission companions insisted she throw the bouquet before she leave, but only one wanted it bad enough to catch it.

Bonus Lesson Learned: Do not wear 2 inch high heels when you are 32 weeks pregnant. I was like a handicapped person for most of the day because of how uncomfortable it was to walk. Ow.


  1. wow, Kaci looks amazing! What a beautiful bride! Congratulations to her and your family.

  2. I am so happy that you posted pictures of Kaci's wedding. She looks beautiful. I am glad that the reception turned out. AND HELLO why were you wearing 2 inch heels, what did you think was going to happen???

  3. So THATS what was going through your head righ before Vak and I got married?!!

  4. I didn't realize you were wearing two inch heels! You're crazy! I wish I had a babysitter! It was nice because everyone wanted to hold Jonah but as soon as he started crying they all came running back to me! The reception was right in the middle of Jonah's nap time. Not a good mix!(Caitlin)

  5. I'm so happy for her! She does look beautfiul and it is fun that she wanted to do things so differntly.
    I thought you were going to have Jeri babysit Luke...maybe that was while you were at the temple.
    Glad you are home safe again.
    Love you,
    mama lassen

  6. I agree, that's great she made her day how she wanted. I laughed at the part about thinking the couple might change their mind during the ceremony, I wonder the same thing too with most weddings I attend. It is such a huge decision, but I've never seen anyone back out on their wedding day.

  7. love how she made it her wedding and did stuff her way. brandon and i decided about a month before our wedding that we should have just eloped. we gave in a lot rather than fight what everyone else thought should happen.

    are you going to get in trouble for posting these pictures, or did you get her permission? http://talesofanordinaryhousewife.

  8. Congrats to Kaci and Salesi! They both look great. I love her dress. Joe and I also had fantasies about eloping a couple of months before our wedding...I still kinda wished that we did.

  9. AMEN on the babysitter idea. We were at a wedding too this weekend and Ethan (almost 3 yr.old) was WILD CHILD and literally ran laps around the reception for hours.

    The picture of the bouquet being thrown is hilarious!

  10. Kaci looks so good. I love the dress. I didn't have a chance to with my mom. I fought with her but she just ended up doing what she wanted.

  11. This post was just what I needed to read! We just got back from Florida where Andrew's older brother got married. I made sure to bring a pair of comfie flats in case my feet hurt from my heels and we arranged for a babysitter for the reception. Now if only Carson hadn't been sick with diarrhea the whole time, it would have gone off without a hitch. I guess he didn't get the message.
    I love the non-traditional way your sis had her wedding! Weddings are more fun when people are willing to take risks and do things that fit them instead of what the world deems as necessities for a wedding.



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