I was watching Paula Abdul's "exclusive" Super Bowl performance on You Tube the other day. You'll notice that she starts out with a clip from "Forever Your Girl" and then proceeds into her new song. That's what I call bait and switch. How very disappointing. I found her lip syncing to be pitchy, boring and, at best, cruise ship karaoke.

Watching Paula Abdul's performance reminded me of being 12 all over again. I received a cassette walkman for Christmas one year from Santa, along with some of my favorite tapes, you know, "good quality stuff," like Wilson Phillips, Milli Vanilli, and of course, Paula Abdul. I can't even begin to count how many dances and lip syncs we made up to that music. (Erik has a similar story about being 12 with his cool walkman. He said he used to listen to "The Little Mermaid" soundtrack non-stop. The thought of pudgy 12 year old Erik, with a bowl-head haircut, riding his bike to school listening to "Part of Your World" kills me every time.) However, now after watching some of my old favorite music videos on You Tube, 18 years later, I'm like, what was I thinking?

Take for example some of the lyrics sung by Paula Abdul and Mc Skat Kat in "Opposites Attract":

Who would have thought, we could be lovers?
She makes the bed,
And I steal the covers.

Those kind of things should not be said in a duet between a human and cartoon cat.

There are so many good Wilson Phillips songs, I had a hard time choosing just one. I opted for the classic, "Hold On." My friends and I used to refer to it as "HOFOMD" when we would pass notes to each other.

This video is awesome for many reasons. First, how did they get up to the top of that mountain? And poor Carne Asada, she has to wear a black suit with shoulder pads on the beach while Chynna and Wendy get to wear pseudo bathing suit/dress things.

Finally, my favorite Milli Vanilli song was "Blame it on the Rain." I specifically remember shouting/singing a heartfelt rendition of it along with the rest of my 7th grade basketball team on the school bus after we lost an away basketball game. And yes, it was raining at the time. What I also love about this music video is that this is the type of thing anyone with half-way decent editing software could make from their home computer these days.

Ah, the music of my youth.


  1. Who would've thought that Milli Vanilli was lip syncing!

  2. I love those songs! Carson especially loved dancing to Milli Vinilli. My very first cd that I got was Whitney Houston's "Whitney" album that has her with the psycho-big hair and white wife-beater. To this day I think that is still one of my favorite cds. "Oh, I wanna dance with somebody!!"

  3. Hilarious! Even funnier is when my YW ask me what songs Paula Abdul sung? I feel so old! Has it really been that long?

  4. I had to leave something, your website isn't doing too well these days, hope you can pull it together.. anyway yeah I remember all those casettes, Paula Abdul has a really bad voice

  5. Hehe. The music of MY youth was "Don't Go Chasin' Waterfalls" by TLC. That, and the Macarena, by whoever sang the Macarena. (I went to school in the ghetto, but I wonder if those songs were popular in other places around Arizona in 1997?)

  6. I think your blog gets better every day..kaci. (Caitlin)

  7. Oh man. I, too, got a very special cassette player for Christmas one year. My mom played semi-pro beach volleyball so every other weekend when she had us we'd be at the beach for two days straight. I'd roller blade the strand with my red cassette player strapped across my chest listening to none other than Paula Abdul, Wilson Phillips and Expose. You can't leave out Expose. I definitely made up lots of dances/lip syncs to these songs as well. But somehow I missed Milli Vanilli. Poor little Erik - I liked Disney songs too, to be fair.

    As far as the videos go...
    a) it freaks me out when Paula and the Kat are like on top of each other on the ripped out car seat.
    b) not only how did WP get on that mountain, but why?
    c) The Blonde WP (is that one Wendy?) absolutely ADORED her hairdo. You can tell by the way she just loves flipping her bangs around.

  8. It's like you just described my childhood, or tween years, I guess. I think I got all of those cassettes the same christmas or birthday and listened to them on my walkman as well.



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