So, now I totally feel like I am living in a science fiction movie. Fox News (not the most reliable, I know) reported today that the Pentagon is planning to shoot down a spy satellite headed towards Earth in early March. The consequences if they don't? Hazardous debris will rain down over hundreds of miles. They won't say where the debris will drop, just that it is coming to a town near you.

The government's plan is to fire a missile from a U.S. Navy Cruiser. This whole thing sounds a little risky to me. The potential of missing the falling satellite is too great. Yo, President Bush, take a clue from Armageddon. Everyone knows that the way to stop the end of the world and/or a dangerous falling satellite and/or meteor is to hire a crew of low life, yet world renowned, oil drillers to ride a space shuttle to meet the satellite. The oil drillers would then land on the satellite, drill a deep hole into it, plant a nuclear bomb and then fly away really fast before it blows up. Duh.

All I know is that I would HATE to be the guy firing the missile. Too much pressure. You miss and then everyone starts making fun of you, saying how you "can't fire your missile," immature stuff like that. I wonder how many little things like this happen daily that the government doesn't even tell us about. I wonder if I should not leave the house during the first two weeks of March because if this debris is going to fall anywhere, it'll probably be in the middle of nowhere California where I live.


  1. I was actually just watching this on Fox. I think it's actually already pretty embarrassing that the high tech spy satallite never even turned on! Can you imagine how much money just went to waste?

  2. That's true...the debris will probably land in Tehachapi! It was nice knowing you!

  3. It's really the end of the world as you know it.



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