I love it when people come to visit us. Especially now when it is too cold to go outside and I am bored. Not to mention that I am getting to that point in a pregnancy when sitting in a car for any extended period of time is really uncomfortable.

My one big fear when we moved out here a little over a year ago was that no one would come visit us. When I told my mom about my fear, she confirmed it by saying, "You're right. Why would anyone come visit you? You live far from the airport and there is nothing to do out there." Thanks, Mom.

So, ecstatic does not even begin to describe how happy I was to have my sister-in-law and brother-in-law came visit us yesterday. The only problem was that it had been warm earlier in the week and all the snow melted! With no snow, there really isn't much to do in Tehachapi during the winter except look at each other and pick our noses.

Luckily we were able to find enough snow/brown ice near our house to do some real good white trash sledding! (Our new creation. Maybe one day they'll make it into an Olympic sport.)

How To Go White Trash Sledding

Things You Need:

Cardboard Boxes
Garbage Cans
Very Little Snow/Mostly Ice
A Hill


1. Find some old cardboard or moving boxes to use as a sled.
2. Use the garbage cans to transport snow to your hill of choice. You can also sit on the garbage can lids to go down the hill.
3. Slide at your own risk. Beware of the ice. You may need to wear a helmet. Ice hurts.

Luke HATED white trash sledding. What a shame.

Luke and his cousin, Wyatt, on a hike.

The ironic part is that the day after Ditte and Jeremy leave I wake up to a yard full of snow!


  1. Thats so funny! looks painful for your butt though.(Caitlin)

  2. Doesn't your husband collect junk? you guys are sooo white trash :p

  3. Jeremy & Ditte are pretty brave for venturing that far out of the "promised land" of Ventura County! Way to be creative on the sledding. Although you could have just gone ice blocking and had the same effect!

  4. i thought you were exaggerating the extreme lack of snow until the picture loaded and i see that the boxes are wider than your snow path. our white trash sledding takes place on actual snow, but in laundry baskets because we are too cheap for sleds and didn't even think of boxes... much more white trash.

  5. Yikes! That looks dangerous... yet very creative! ;-)

  6. Luke looks about as excited as Sarah does when we take her sledding.

  7. Cristin, we can't wait to come back for some more sledding. I even told the girls we could probably just do it in your backyard this time! And the night we left, it snowed a little on our way home! We had a great time. Thanks for being a great hostess!

  8. Hey, it's not white trash sledding until you're doing it on a car or truck hood and somebody breaks a bone or too. Not that I like admitting that I know a thing or two about that...



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