I have been resisting the urge for some time now to post any political diatribes. However, consider yourself warned. This week I might start going a little crazy with the political talk. Erik blames my obsession with the presidential primaries on the writer's strike, but I think I would feel the same way even if we did have new episodes of the Office and 30 Rock to discuss.

I want to make it very clear to all 20 or so of my readers that this blog endorses Mitt Romney for President.

Things I do not endorse are:

John McCain
Hilary Clinton
Citizens Who Do Not Think Politics Are Important
Citizens Who Do Not Vote
Citizens Who Do Not Keep Themselves Informed

Here are just a few of my reasons why Mitt Romney should be the next President of the United States:

1. He supports the enforcement of immigration laws and opposes amnesty.
2. He has a proven track record of success in business which will carry over to success in revitalizing our economy.
3. He is smart, articulate, and well educated in foreign affairs.
4. He will fight for moral causes like the preservation of marriage as we know it.
5. His presidency will most likely avoid a "Clinton-esque" soap opera, thus avoiding any embarrassment to our country.

There are many reasons, but these are the most important to me. The last thing I have wanted to do was to support Romney only because he is a Mormon. Just because I am irritated by all the media coverage of bigoted voters in Florida who said they did not vote for Romney because he was a Mormon, this does not mean that any of us should vote blindly for Romney just because he IS a Mormon. However, I am confident that if you do your research, you will agree that Romney is the best candidate.

I guess what I am really asking is that we all read a little less on Britney Spears and start studying up more on the candidates. After watching the media's coverage of the GOP Florida primary, I can't help but think that people are easily swayed by media bias, don't do their research, and frankly, don't care. I have talked to numerous friends over the past few weeks who have told me that they a) aren't interested in politics because it is too overwhelming, b) don't know much about any of the candidates, or c) won't pay attention to anything until the general election. While we all have a right to be ignorant and passive, this indifferent attitude towards deciding who will be the next leader of the most powerful country in the world drives me up a wall!

Now, please, be pro-active, and don't forget to vote on Super Tuesday. If we have learned anything from Florida politics, it is that every vote counts.


  1. I agree, I was hesitent to support Romney just on the LDS connection, but I can honestly say I feel much more excited to support him. I think his track record has impressed me the most in that he has been successful with the Olympics, Massachutess, and his own companies. If you look up the companies he founded, you'll see that it hit home run after home run in terms of being economicly successful. He balanced the budget in Mass and provided a insurance alternative to state run health care, and the Salt Lake Olympics he turned into a $100 million profit center that started -$30million in the hole when he took the job. And I believe him to be a morale person with a sucessful family life. who can honestly say that about Clinton? Obama is the only other serious presidential contendor a respectable family life in my book. Go Mitt! Best case scenario, it's a face off between Romeny and Clinton. Clinton will polarize the independant vote and Mitt will win. Worse case, Clinton vs. McCain where you are screwed either way, that's when I vote libertarian!

  2. Thank you for this post!!!! AMEN!!!!!! I can vouch for this guy on a personal level as well- I was one of his interns. It's true! I even went to events with him around MA and ran his power point and got his water bottle/lunch/etc. He is as amazing in real life as he is on TV. He is smart and cares about America. I trust him to be a good representative of our country abroad. Awesome post Cristin!!!!

  3. WHOA, Crazy Lady! "Read a little less on Britney Spears"?!?! Maybe you DO need a lobotomy if you think I'm ever going to follow THAT advice!
    Britney for President!

  4. Great post Cristin! And I totally agree with everything you have said...with the exception of "the 20 people that read your blog". WHATEVER! You must know that you carry a bigger fan base than that!

  5. Cristin, I totally agree with you and Erik. I didn't want to vote for Romney just because he is Mormon, but because of his politics. I am voting for him because of the same reasons you want him to be President. Also, I am sad that the last debates before super Tuesday is on CNN. We need to go to someones home that has cable. Tyler and I really want to watch them. EVERY VOTE DOES COUNT...

  6. Thanks for posting this. I voted early for Mit, I knew about his support for family and morals but not much more so thanks for sharing this info. I'll try and be better about knowing what all the candidates stand for because right now I really don't feel like I could put up much of an argument with the (lack of) knowledge that I have :)

  7. Awesome post Cristin, I am grateful to have a sister-in-law that is so on the up and up with politics. It helps keep me motivated and well-informed. I REALLY REALLY would love Mitt for President...I just don't understand how people can't like him (religion aside- and people in this country seriously have issues with that? where are we living) I just wish I knew how to support and get voters going for him more, besides posting about them...any thoughts?

  8. (caitlin) I was also skeptical at first because I didn't want to vote for Romney based upon the fact he is mormon. After I educated myself a little more there are many other important reasons why he is the best candidate..like the ones you listed. I am obsessed with watching the news and election! I can't help but be worried now that Mcain won Florida!

  9. I couldn't agree with you more. It drives me crazy when my friends say they don't have an opinion on who they would vote for because they don't follow politics. Its the future of our country how is that not important!

  10. (cristin's mom) People need to vote for Romney and keep the conservative movement viable, but I think the deal's been sealed, and the "old boy's club" is behind McCain. If Huck and Mitt could form an alliance and not split the vote in the super Tuesday primaries, things would change. However, I think Huckabee is hoping he can be McCain's running mate, and evangelicals will not vote for a Mormon, so that scenerio is highly unlikely. He keeps attacking Mitt, instead of McCain, the front runner, so there you have it. I don't think Mitt was strong enough last night in the debate. I'm sure he's tired of fighting against EVERYONE and discouraged by the FL results. I heard he wasn't buying any ads in Super Tuesday states.
    Part of me isn't too upset about McCain getting torn apart by the Dems and the MSM this fall. (It's already starting; look for all the references to his age. That worked against Dole.) So VOTE your heart in the primary---you won't regret it---but VOTE so your voice is heard. Do not let McCain get away with anything easily!

  11. I have a hard time with McCain because he seems to be a Democrat in Republican clothing. I really got sick of hearing McCain and Romney duke it out last night! If I hadn't heard anything about any of the four candidates, I would have voted for Huckabee just by watching the debate because McCain and Romney drove me crazy!! I'm nervous that McCain will get the nomination -- people he's old, are you sure he'll survive the presidency?! And then we'll have to live with the Vice-President, and you can bet it won't be Romney! (Of course, I don't think McCain will win if he ends up going against Obama.)

  12. Candace, we taped the debate last night on our DVR, so come over and watch it if you want! We enjoyed it very much.
    Trine, go to Mitt Romney's home webpage and you can find all kind of ways to contribute or help, even from your home. I sent out some personalized phonecalls yesterday from Mitt Romney...that was fun...Erik, did you get yours?
    You can do that for free.
    I also have two Mitt signs in our yard now and on the back wall to let my neighbors know where we stand. And I donated a small money amount to his campaign...not a lot, but it felt good to put my money where my mouth is!
    There was a great speech he gave the night he came in behind McCain in Florida...try to search for that and read it...excellent on where he stands on many issues.
    I go by the feelings I have when I listen to these people speak and I felt such a spiritual feeling when I listen to Mitt Romney and not just because he's a Mormon. But what he believes in and stands for is what I believe in also, so why not have a President that loves America, is an example of a good, moral family man, has proven great leadership skills and decision making qualities (that is something I really admire in him is his ability to sort through a problem, like health care issues in his state of Massachusetts and come up with a health care program that works!) And he believes in keeping our military strong (Like Captain Moroni!)hmmmmm
    Anyway...I guess you know where I stand now too! I'm tired of being afraid to speak out about my politics because I may not know as much as the next person, but I know how I FEEL inside when I listen and read and study about these candidates and I'm all for Mitt Romney!

    Vote Tuesday! That's the best thing you can do!


  13. Trine - To add to some of the good stuff your mom suggested, I think talking to your friends is a great way to "campaign" for Romney. Of course there are places that are never appropriate to campaign for a particular candidate - like church, and usually work - but among friends, it's great to bring up who you support and why. This can be a little intimidating if you don't know why you support someone, because if you got in an argument then you would like dumb. That is why it's important to be informed and you will be confident when talking to other people.

    I also think blogging is important. It may not matter much in Utah where 60% of people polled support Romney, but the internet is a crazy thing. You have the ability to reach lots of people who don't live in Utah that will be voting on Super Tuesday.

    These are just a few ideas...

  14. I'm totally with you and have been trying to do all kinds of research this voting season. I am usually not one to be up on things and didn't want to vote for Romney just because he's LDS. But I too, after doing some research, feel he is the best running candidate. He's got my support all the way! Thanks for your post.



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