When Erik and I were watching the 4 hours of debates on Saturday night there was this strange moment when all the candidates (Democrats and Republicans) were on stage together. They kept hugging and talking to each other really close, (I'm sure because it was so loud in the room), but it really looked like they were all going to kiss. It was kind of gross. This picture on tonight's CNN's homepage reminded me of that. Hillary and McCain are facing each other. Hillary is puckering up and John McCain looks like he is in the midst of screaming like a little girl.

I have a headache from watching so much primary coverage tonight. I can't stop watching it even though the news people are saying the same things over and over again. Good thing I have another week to recover until Michigan's.

Despite all this nonsense, I would just like to point out that the pledged delegate tally according to CNN (what really matters) is now as follows:

Obama - 25
Clinton - 24
Edwards - 18

Romney - 24
Huckabee - 18
McCain - 10
Thompson - 6
Paul - 2
Hunter - 1

Tonight I only heard one newscaster (local L.A. guy) say that he didn't understand this craziness when delegates were what mattered, and he was quickly brushed off by a political "analyst" as not understanding momentum. So, yeah, take that McCain. Romney is still ahead. HA.

Just for fun, here's a great article I read about discrimination (particularly against Mormons) in politics.


  1. That was a great photo and an interesting article. Thanks for the link!

  2. Even if I agreed with McCain, I still don't think I could vote for him becasue of his comb over. If you are going to lead the country, I think you need to have enough self confidence to stop trying to have hair when you really don't. Wake up Bro and be proud of your "Experienced Manhood" look.

  3. I'm sorry to say I don't even know who the heck "Hunter" is, and the sad fact is he is only second to Ron Paul by ONE POINT! Geez... whose voting for Thompson?!

  4. It's interesting how everyone is so engrossed in the wins over separate states and not even looking at the delegate count. That's ok. We'll just let Romney slowly kick their butts in a dignified way.



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