So, the other day I'm on this blog and I learn from this post that my husband thinks Kate McCann is hot. His actual comment was, “Is it just me or do you think Mrs. McCann is hot?” This isn't a secret. He wrote it on the internet for the whole world to see. I am just passing this important information along to all of you.

First, I was a little taken aback. Erik and I don't have the kind of relationship where we commonly talk openly about celebrities we think are "hot." I'm not stupid. I know that when guys get together they probably talk all about how "hot" so and so is, etc. Once I asked Erik who he thought was a really attractive female celebrity and it was like pulling teeth to get him to say "Keira Knightley, I guess." Of course, we're all human. We know good looking things when we see them. However, how many of us go blabbing to our spouse who we think is "hot"? I think it's pretty much agreed that all husbands and wives should think their spouse is THE hottest thing EVER. Or at least way hotter than Kate McCann.

The night I read of Erik's love for Kate McCann, I acted totally normal. He came home from work, and when we sat down for dinner an hour later, I finally said (trying really hard to not laugh), "So, you have a thing for Kate McCann?" He just started laughing and tried changing the subject. Ha! As if I was going to not tease Erik about his HUGE crush.

For example, later that evening we were talking about some random people I had met during the day:

Erik: Was this lady good looking?

Me: Well, let's see. If Kate McCann is a 10, this woman was a 7.

Erik: (Backtracking from embarrassment) Now, that I think about it, Kate McCann really isn't that good looking. I don't know what I was thinking. Yeah, she's totally a dog.

So, here's my advice: If you do find out who your husband thinks is "hot," don't tease him about it. It's kind of like dealing with a little sister. You have to build trust by
not teasing, even though every fiber of your being wants to make some insane joke at their expense every time you discuss their inane love life. On the other hand, do I really want to know who my husband thinks is "hot", if it isn't me? No, not really.

Deep down I think about what if Erik really does meet Kate McCann and runs off with her? I can just see him now saying, "I warned you, but you wouldn't listen. You thought it was a joke!" Oh well, like he'll ever meet Kate McCann. That's about improbable as him meeting Harrison Ford.


  1. lol that is so funny, i tease dan every time we watch zorro or sahara...he has a thing for Catherine Zeta Jones and Penelope Cruz and oh yeah Selma whatever her name is...boys are dumb. then again i was just drooling over harrison ford. aaaaaaaaaaah i still cant believe erik met him!

  2. He probably is attracted to Kate McCann because he thinks that's what you're going to look like in 15 years. You're skinny and blonde. At least he's not using his celebrity crushes to repudiate your hair color or body type.

  3. (Caitlin) One day I got Zach to tell me what celebrities he thought were the best looking. *I really don't know why I did that. Now every time Kiera Knightly and Jessica Alba shows up on tv I teese him about it. I wish I had never even asked because it makes me not want to watch movies with those actresses with him. I just can't help but think how I'm sure he's thinking how hott they are! It's just one of those rules where even if you know someone is really good looking, you never talk about it in front of your spouse!

  4. Vak has a thing for Jessica Biel, he says he likes how sporty and fit she is, but she's really cute so I don't think its weird. Now, the girl that does my hair told me she dated a guy who had a thing for, "Mrs. Hulk Hogan, something williams... the butch tennis player and J.LO". Now then I would be worried...

  5. I bugged Andrew about who he had a crush on a while back and he told me Cameron Diaz. I don't know if he said that being truthful, or just picked someone to get me off his case. Probably the latter...but sometimes I wonder if he really has a thing for tall blondes. If he does than I'm in trouble! :-)

  6. That's funny! I've known since before we were married that Jimmy's top 2 "hot" celebrities are #1 Shania Twain, and #2 Natalie Portman.

  7. First of all, you are way hotter!!!! I mean WAAAAAAAY! Second of all, at least your husband's job doesn't involve seeing breasts, and other peoples bodies all the time. Be grateful. (It's only weird when I think about it for more than a second...)

  8. Ok....I have totally been on the other end of this little conversation and its really so embaressing. Greg found out I thought Wentworth Miller was hot and he teases me about it all the time!! It got so bad that even commercials with him on it I would go red in the face even if he didn't say anything. I think everyone has celebrity crushes....but i'm sure Erik still thinks of you as the love of his life.

  9. Zach thinks Reese Witherspoon is hot. I don't have a problem with that b/c I look JUST like her ;)(J/K...but don't you love when people think they look like a hot celebrity and then tell you about it?) I actually never have an issue with Zach's current celebrity crush. Plus, Reese is really beautiful so at least he has good taste.

  10. ok, so I read this post then as I scrolled down I see a picture of Erik with Harrison Ford (one of my all time favorite "Hot" old men!) That is funny. Ok, but back to my original thought.
    My husband LOVES: Christina Ricci, Winonna Ryder, and Keira Knightly. He opened up to me about that once, and so now whenever we see them in a movie I just say: "Look honey, its your girlfriend!" I am so mean.

  11. Karin's comment made me laugh because I told Nate that she has a crush on Wentworth Miller (from Prison Break) and ever since, he makes comments every time that guy is on TV, totally teasing behind her back. Good thing I never told Nate that I think Wentworth Miller is hot, too!



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