I am routinely called "The No Fun Wife" by my husband because I don't like surfing, snowboarding, or shooting guns. (Wow, I do sound boring now that I wrote it out!) Sometimes, though, the tables turn and he gets to be the "No Fun Husband." Ha ha.

As you know, we saw "Enchanted" at the El Capitan in Hollywood a few days after Christmas. After the show there was this big tent full of "Enchanted" stuff, as well as ladies dressed up as Disney princesses for pictures. It was cute because all these little girls were treating them like movie stars. There was Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Giselle, Jasmine... all of them... you get the picture. From what I could tell, only little girls were taking pictures with the princesses. That's nice, but in an effort to spice it up I had the following conversation with Erik:

Me: I know you're married to me and stuff, but I dare you to go ask one of those princesses for her phone number.

Erik: No.

Me: But it would be so much fun. Just hit on one of them. It's not like you're really hitting on them.

Erik: No.

Me: It would be SO funny and you would totally scare Sleeping Beauty. Just make a pass at one. Just pick one. Belle is kind of cute.

Erik: I'm not doing it.

Me: You are NO FUN. It would be hilarious. Come on. Just be funny. For me.

Erik: NO.

Finally I convinced the guys in our group to take a picture with some of the princesses. The only one to sort of take me up on my dare was my brother-in-law, Jeremy, who asked Belle if she liked working there. You could see the fear in her eyes as he talked to her. I don't know why I got so much joy out of seeing Belle think that she was being hit on. It's not like Jeremy is a scary guy, but I bet working down in Hollywood as a Disney princess is a scary job. Here's the photo. The princesses are smiling, but they really looked weirded out by the whole thing.


  1. This was good, Cristin! They were good sports, weren't they?
    Sure miss you,
    mom lassen

  2. ha ha I'm the first one this time. The once a month time I do actually read this.. Yeah I think you are boring, considering all you do is work on your blog.. ha ha hmm who is the guy on the right? Anyway I think its a little weird you were trying to get Erk to hit on a Disney Princess

  3. Thank you Kaci for backing me up, here I am in front of all my sisters, their young impressionable kids, and their spouses and Crisitn is trying to dare me to do something that she would NEVER do herself. There was a perfectly good looking, Donny Osmand look alike prince charming was there, and when I retorted to Cristin that she should go ask P. Charming for his number she said she couldn't because she was prego. Like that wouldn't be funny? Talk about NO FUN WIFE....Sheesh, you would think I was being honorable by not showing off my MOJO in front of my loving, sensitive, and hyper jealous wife.... GRRRR Sometimes I hate Cristin's lame A*$ blog.
    Your no fun husband.

  4. The fact that Erik psuedo cussed on the comments is hilarious. Second of all, the fact that all those guys went to see this movie is a milagro (spanish for miracle). Ben occasionally reads blogs with me, he was cracking up at this one!

  5. I tried to get Zach to hit on the girl at a drive through in n out. I think he actually did it! It was really funny to see what the girl looked liked when we pulled up! But I don't blame you Erik. I can see your point.

  6. Cristin only wants to have fun when it is totally inapropiate. She has a pretty sick sense of humor.

  7. I think most girls do not surf, cannot snowboard very well, and don't shoot guns, so I don't think by not liking 3 things makes you boring.

    But anyway, I once told Drew he sucked the fun out of life because he didn't want to do something I wanted to do. I guess that was pretty harsh, but I still laugh at what I said to him.

  8. Oh my gosh....Kylee would have gone nuts with all the princesses there! I still can't believe all those guys went to see Enchanted and that they even agreed to have a picture with them let alone hit on them. Too funny!



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