My Favorite Shopping Spots (Kelley's Post)

Lately I have become obsessed with home decorating projects. Here's a list of my favorite stores to hit up for amazing deals.

1.) Tai PanThis store was amazing. Be sure to always check their clearance section, that's where I found this giant wall clock for only $23.50!
2.) Downeast Outfitters
I love this store because they are constantly getting new items in and marking down their old ones. Return policy reeks since they will only give you store credit. I found this antique green armour there for only $250!
3.) Finders Keepers
This store is adorable and VERY inspiring. Prices aren't bad either...

4.) Burlington Coat Factory/TJ Maxx/Ross
All 3 of these places have amazing deals on curtains, accent pillows and wall art.

5.) Big Lots
Ya- I shop at "Pick 'n Save". Actually, most of their stuff is pure garbage, but candles are a bargain and they also sell gallons of paint there for only $6. They also have a pretty sweet "garden" section where I found a pretty cool iron wall decoration for only $9.


  1. I can't wait to go to your #1 spot!(Caitlin)

  2. I so so SO wish that Down East and Tai Pan had locations in California!!!

  3. I must agree that Tai Pan is the greatest place ever for home decorating! however, I would have to petition that IKEA be added to the list, they have great furniture but also great home accents, my curtains are from there and cost less than $20 for three windows!

  4. I love Down East Outfitters. It is one of my favorite stores.

  5. Helloooo...you live in CA NOT UT! :)

  6. It's Kelley's post - SHE lives in Utah.

  7. Shoot! I thought you were suffering from lame withdrawls!
    p.s. half of my comments don't go through!!! (and they're so good)...like I want to just copy your post on the candidates families...and give all the credit to you of course :)

  8. The clock is so cute, wish those places were here.



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