I was feeling kind of sorry for myself yesterday when I was alone cleaning our house and cooking for our New Years Eve Party while Erik was out having a grand old time flying around the Bay Area in a private plane with his friends, buzzing the Golden Gate Bridge, and eating lunch at Half Moon Bay, that I decided today to to do something that I wanted to do. Then I woke up and reality sunk in. No matter how much you may want to escape real life, it doesn't always happen the way you plan. So instead of driving 100 miles to look at the Rose Parade floats (yeah right, like that would have happened) I ended up going to a matinee of "I Am Legend" this afternoon.

Going in, all I knew about this movie was that there were going to be zombies, lots and lots of zombies. Well, spoiler alert, they're not zombies. I don't know why people say that. I think the movie very clearly states that "they" are humans with some form of rabies. Where did all this zombie talk come from?

For those of you who don't watch movie trailers, talk to people, or only get on the internet to look at my blog, "I Am Legend" is about a doctor (Will Smith) who thinks he may be Earth's only human not affected by a man-made virus. Will Smith was definitely the best thing about this movie. I really felt bad for him and the part where he sees his wife and daughter for the last time was heart wrenching. This movie also confirmed my fears that dogs are crazy and now I really REALLY never want to own one. However, I do wish we could have seen some more about the deterioration of society and a little less zombie. Oh well. (For a better "deterioration of society" movie, I recommend watching "Children of Men.") Then again, I only paid $4.50 to see "I Am Legend", so I shouldn't expect much, right?



  1. SPOILER ALERT! I really liked the parts where it shows him "renting" movies and talking to the maniquins... and when he sees Frank. That was great. I too wish they had shown more pre-end of the world stuff. I still enjoyed watching it- I would give it a B.

    I really liked Children of Men too... except for the ending! AGH...

  2. "For those of you who ... only get on the internet to look at my blog...."
    Sounds sort of snotty of you.
    /I only get on the Internet to look at your blog.
    //But still.

  3. I thought the subject was interesting. There was a lot of suspense and the special effects were cool, but I really only felt one emotion for most of the movie. It seems like every blockbuster has the same problem. I was terrified the whole time of the rabid humans, and then there was one minute of joy at the end of the movie knowing that all humanity wasn't lost.

  4. (Nalder)We saw I am Legend with Zach's family during Christmas. I walked out of it because I couldn't handle the intensity! I know that sounds lame but I hate watching jumpy movies where I'm basically covering my eyes the whole time! I enjoyed the movie a lot more when I just had the rest explained to me on the way home. I know I'm a whimp.

  5. I was upset that they got his dog sam, I thought that was the sad part of the movie because that was his only form of contact he had. I did laugh at him talking to all his imaginary friends in the stores. I would say go see it if you like a thriller and if your not affraid of dogs:)

  6. Likes: Mannequins, Sam, gratuitous top-half nudity of Will Smith doing pull-ups, the gag about planning a birthday party, the creepy rabid guy who just wanted his girl back, the fact that he didn't hook up with Ana (like I was expecting because every movie has to have that), Shrek, and pretty much the whole plotline was really cool. Visually: very well done.

    Dislikes: couldn't tell for a long time that his daughter was actually a girl (seriously...Matt and I were both like surprised when they went into her bedroom), somehow the movie was a story about the life and message of Bob Marley, freaking out so much the first time you see the group of dark seekers that I actually started choking on my popcorn.

    Overall score: A-



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