I thought we got a lot of snow a few weeks ago, but it started yesterday afternoon and has been continuing off and on since then.... supposedly will even through Sunday. I love the snow, but unfortunately, Luke hates it. When I try to put his snow suit on him, he screams. It's like he knows I bought it from a thrift store for $2 and is embarrassed to wear it. So, while I'm feeling like a prisoner in my home because of my "snow-hating" son, all this good snow is going to waste. I mean, if I wasn't so pregnant I could probably even go sledding in our backyard!

As you can tell, snow is still a novelty to me, and I don't know when, if ever, this "novelty" will wear off. Even after living in Oregon, Utah and Northern Arizona, I still get excited like a little kid when I see snow in my front yard. If anyone wants to come up to play in real snow (rather than white trash sledding), this is the time!


  1. I feel the same way!!! We have lived here in Utah for 2 1/2 years and I still get excited everytime it snows. My husband thinks that I let the heat out everytime I open the front door to look at it snowing....he is probably right.

  2. well good for you Cristin but I'm with Luke. I can't stand living in the snow anymore! I love it for about a wek and now it's just too cold! I'm stuck inside with a 3 month old. Zach and I are trying to find a time and babysitter so we can take out his awesome christmas present you got him. Maybe I'll enjoy the snow after we sled a few times!

  3. wow- Luke has just about grown out of that red jacket. Time for the grey one!

  4. I sometimes miss the snow, then I remember how much it sucks when it is always cold.

  5. just a quick comment about the top pic of luke... It seriously looks like its from the 80's like one of OUR baby pics... you told me you can't buy him new shoes because his feet grow too fast, but HMM interesting that he has been wearing the famous elmo shoes for..EVER now



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