1. I do not like this book, "Calorie Fat and Carbohydrate Counter" by the Calorie King (a dietitian wearing a crown). Erik brought it home a few months ago and I didn't open it up until last weekend. Unless you are sick and looking for a reason to make yourself throw-up, avoid this book. I understand the need to count calories, fat, and carbs, but ew, once I learned these "fun" facts I wanted to gag:

McDonald's 10 piece Chicken Selects Breast Strips - 1,270 calories
Panera Italian Combo Sandwich - 1,110 calories
P.F. Chang's Spare Ribs w/ BBQ Sauce - 1, 280 calories
Baja Fresh Nachos w/ Charbroiled Steak - 2,120 calories

Of course, I'm too cool to eat at McDonald's (so whatever), but I do eat the other food I listed above. YUCK! For example, if I go to In-n-Out, here is my typical meal:

Hamburger - 390
French Fries - 400
Milkshake - 690

Let's say I wasn't pregnant and I wanted to eat 1,800 calories a day. I might as well be chewing on carrot sticks and lettuce for my other two meals. This book did make me realize how bad my eating habits really are and it's only a matter of time till I EXPLODE.

2. It is soda, not "pop" or "coke". When we lived in Utah I worked at a law firm where I could hear the receptionist offer clients "pop" all day long. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I approached her about it. I'm sure I sounded like a nut, but I said, "Hey, could you do me a favor and stop saying 'pop'? I can't take it anymore." (Imagine Andy on the Office when he gets really mad, this is how her use of the word "pop" was getting to me.) The same with coke. Unless it is an actual Coke, do not offer me a "Coke" when you really mean Sprite or Root Beer. It is confusing. (Not that I will be drinking soda anyway, since reading the Calorie King's book. However, per the Calorie King, Diet Coke is zero calories. I don't understand how this is possible. Isn't soda unhealthy no matter what?)

3. Finally, overcooked beef is not good. I knew someone once who worked in a restaurant and said that if someone requested meat "well done" he figured you might as well throw it on the floor and kick it around because it was as good as ruined. Yes, of course hamburger meat should be thoroughly cooked, unless you're French or my husband and you like Steak Tartare. I really feel that medium rare is the best. We fed the missionaries tonight and I wish I had my camera out to capture the look on their faces when we brought that pink tri-tip out. I thought it was delicious, but they looked like they had a hard time eating it. Oh well, their loss.


  1. I took a Linguistics class in college and did a whole survey of people about the regional dialect/slang they use. Soda vs. pop vs. Coke was a huge one. Utahns and people from the Northwest tend to say pop. It freaked me out when my sister lived in Oregon and started calling it pop. Check out this webpage about it:http://popvssoda.com:2998/

  2. I agree with ya babe! I've come to the conclusion that since I rarely eat out, I am allowed to splurge and eat 2,000 calories in one meal. It's SO hard to go to Wendys and not get the large fry and large frosty with your JBC. Soda is soda, not pop. My mom told me that in Iowa, they call it Sodie. Strange. Steak should be pink. Anyone who likes it well done should just go chew on a piece of wood because well done meat is so chewy and dry! Blegh!

  3. So with you on the "soda" thing. And just be glad that you aren't me and haven't had to count every calorie you've ever eaten you're entire life just to avoid obesity (not even trying to be thin...because that would require starvation). And I don't hate because you're thin, I just envy the fact that you didn't know, until recently, just how bad In -n-Out is for you.

  4. medium rare is the best. i don't eat anything on that list and at in n out I order a hamburger and a water and then I eat 1/2 of Vak's fries. I don't need to go on a diet but Vak does so I help out by eating his food. He thinks I am just being rude when I eat off of his plate but I am actually doing it so he'll have less to eat!

  5. (Caitlin) Zach and my new years resolution is to eat healthier. We can only eat 1 treat a week like on Mondays for family night. We didn't realize how bad our sugar tooth was until we had to stop! I don't care about calories. It's just numbers to me. I'm sure I'll care once I stop breastfeeding and I Blow Up! Oh ya and the whole "pop" thing: When we moved to Arizona everyone at high school called it pop and no joke for the longest time, when anyone would offer me some pop, I thought they were offering me "Pot" . I had never heard anyone call Soda "Pop" before. I can't stand it either!

  6. Nancy - I love that soda/pop website. Of course, the survey isn't very scientific, but it's still really interesting. I can't believe so many people call it pop!

  7. I live in Ohio and everyone here calls it pop too. I think only people in California call it soda :). We call it both in our house. Soda is clear colored beverages (sprite) and pop is dark (coke). Hayden started it and we just do it now. It's weird. Don't come to my house - I would totally annoy you.

    Oh and I agree with the missionaries. I like my food cooked, thank you. Mooing at me is no good. I don't like the thing deep fryed but I like it medium. I'm paranoid about under cooked food. Esp. when pregnant...so I just avoid it.



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