D.I.Y.: Thrift Store Clock (Kelley's Post)

Cristin has allowed me the pleasure of being a guest author on her blog. So I'll be popping up every now and then to share a thrifty tip or other creative ideas I might have.

Ideas for an old junk clock:

I found this wall clock at Savers for $3. It was only about 14" x 14" which is pretty small so I decided not to hang it but instead use it as a decorative piece in a book shelf.
Step 1.) Paint "antique white" because I was going for the shabby chic look, but your house, your color choice. (bought paint from Big Lots. $6 for a gallon. This was paint I already bought and was left over from another project.

Step 2.) After drying, I took sand paper and distressed the corners and edges (Sand paper was bought from the $1 store. 10 pieces for $1)
Step 2.) I used scraps of scrap booking paper to re due the face. Simply cutting a square and a circle. Then I carefully drew the numbers on the clock.

And the finished project....

Grand Total: $5

Forgo the clock and with another piece of Scrap booking paper and a large single wooden letter from the craft store, make one of those personalized letter decorations. Or simply draw a large letter yourself on the scrap book papaer.

Either way I am pretty happy with my $3 find!


  1. Kelley - That's pretty impressive. You could give that kind of thing away as a gift too. It would be cheap and people would like it.

  2. What a cute idea! Thanks Kelley

  3. I liked it better befor you made it ugly... :P

  4. (Caitlin) Zach said the same thing Erik said except for the new version being ugly. That is so cute! I'm so happy you finally wrote a post!

  5. You wrote those letters on? Wow! I'm impressed with your penmanship. I'd have to buy stickers or wooden numbers.



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