We returned home from Camarillo last night around 1 a.m. Shoot me now. I am so tired. It was a fun and busy weekend with a Missionary Open House for my brother-in-law Steffen on Saturday and the big Lassen Family Rice Pudding/Talent Show night on Sunday. A few select pictures...

We took Luke to the eye doctor and turns out he needs glasses. But not just any glasses, REALLY BIG glasses, like these. (Special thanks to Tyson for sharing his "Birth Control Glasses" with Luke.)

We had a dance party for the kids while we were waiting around for Steffen to get set apart. Luke preferred crawling in between all the dancing kids.

Here's Steffen in his final moments before he was set apart as a missionary. The last thing the Stake President asked before he set him apart was, "Is there anyone you need to kiss?" I thought that was really funny. We are really sad to see him go, but excited for all the great experiences he will have in the Washington D.C. South Mission.

We decided today to make a last minute trip out to Phoenix before Christmas to attend the funeral of Erik's Great-Grandfather Beecroft ("Beeky") who passed away this weekend, and then we will head straight from Phoenix back to Camarillo for Christmas. This means we will be away from home for over a week, something we were not planning on doing. However, I am grateful for nice family in Phoenix and Camarillo that will let us stay with them, washer and dryers, and that Luke does exceptionally well (knock on wood) in the car. So, I am going crazy trying to get everything done that I need to before Christmas because we are leaving 4 days earlier for the holidays than we were planning. I am tired just thinking about it!


  1. Wow! And I thought I was busy. I hope your trip to Phoenix is a good one. Tell Steffen that he'll have a great mission and that we'll keep our eyes peeled for him.

  2. Luke is going to be a NERD... just like his father!

  3. That is the best picture of Luke!

  4. I love that pic of Luke, his face is so priceless and great. He looks just like that kid on Jerry Miguire.

  5. I was so happy you guys made it out to Cam-town for the weekend. Thanks for coming. And I definitely dig those BCG's on Luke. :o)

  6. LOL CLASSIC PIX OF LUKE!!! I love it! I am going to put it in Bella's bedroom above her crib.



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