My friend Ben used to say that Cider House Rules was the "best pro-abortion movie he's ever seen." I thought of that comment a lot as we watched "Waitress" this weekend. Is it the "best extra-marital affair movie" I've ever seen? (Sadly, no. That honor belongs to "Spanglish.")

Erik and I try to trade off who picks movies at the Redbox. He picked "Transformers." The next time I picked "Hairspray." He really wanted to rent "Next" and I talked him into renting this instead, so I now owe him two. This movie reminded me of why you should read up on something before you see it. Just because it gets "great reviews" doesn't mean it's a good movie. I love Keri Russell from her "Felicity" days, so this was very disappointing.

The short summary goes like this: Keri Russell plays a waitress in a miserable marriage. One night her husband gets her drunk and she ends up pregnant. She doesn't tell him for months. She begins an affair with her married ObGyn which makes no sense. I mean, really, I spent half the movie trying to figure out how they went from patient/doctor to suddenly making out in the exam room.

The movie had a few redeeming qualities: She creates entertaining pies in her head that relate to her life. The acting was good. Andy Griffith is hilarious. It had a catchy theme song that Erik won't stop singing. Other than that, Erik and I almost turned it off half way through because who wants to watch an affair movie, especially with your spouse sitting next to you?? The whole time we're both like, "You better not ever do that. You promise? This is disgusting!"

Long story short, skip it and watch something that makes you feel good like Hairspray or the Sound of Music.



  1. Natalie went and saw this in theaters and it made us sad. But yeah, the pies and andy griffith were fabulous. I just found myself asking, "why? why? why?" throughout the movie. It would've definitely been worse if Jake had seen it with me. Maybe we should all be responsible for warning others about awful movies like you did here. I'm going to warn everyone now now to watch Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner. Worst. Movie. Ever

  2. I meant I'm going to warn everyone now NOT to watch Catch and Release.

  3. I second the opinion to not see Catch and RElease. I made it 30 minutes and had to turn it off. Horrible movie!

    We have The Waitress from netflix sitting downstairs. We almost watched it and opted to watch We Are Marshall last night instead. Maybe I'll just throw it back in the mail.

  4. Yes, Spanglish is a good movie. I have not seen Waitress nor catch and release, but thank you for warning me. I will not watch it! Some of my favorite feel good movies are, "the holiday", "the pursuit of happiness" and "enchanted".

  5. Your warning came one day too late. I watched it last night and I completely agree with you. I got half way through and wanted to turn it off but I'm the kind of person that thinks "It's gonna get better.....". I third the thumbs down for Catch and release. Waste of time!!!

  6. I actually liked it. Maybe it's because I'm not married, so those things don't effect me quite so deeply. Maybe it's because the reality is that lots of people have affairs (not that it means you should watch movies about it...don't misread me). I think it's because I like how it ends. She realizes that she's being stupid and that having an affair isn't the solution, ever. And I like that they didn't portray the wife as some awful person. It made it very clear that the guy was pretty selfish and stupid.

    And, having been in a crappy relationship, I loved seeing her walk away at the end.

    That said, I'm not trying to convince anyone. I definitely can see all of the reasons you listed for not liking the movie. I just happened to like it.

  7. Thanks for the warning. It was on my list of movies to see because I'd heard good reviews and I like Keri Russel from her Felicity days as well.

    As for Catch and Release... I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. It was sort of a strange movie. But I kind of liked it.

  8. Oh, and the whole affair with her OBGYN would probably have made me sick. Seriously, that's just gross. I can remember a guy in junior high joking that he was going to be a gynecologist when he grew up... you know, to see girls naked and such. Even then that was so gross. But sleeping with your OBGYN. Ick.

  9. I gotta tag along with what Chloe said. Maybe its cause I'm not married, but I really liked this movie a lot. I can't dock points from it on the affair thing cause after all, what dynamic protagonist doesn't do something stupid during a story? Hopefully in the end they rectify the mistake and in this case I wasn't dissapointed. Not only did she realize she was making a mistake, but fixed it and with style. I thought it was wittily (is that a word?) written, and they had awkard silences down to a beautiful art. I'm gonna venture away from the crowd a little here and actually recommend this movie.

  10. I thought the whole point of "Spanglish" was that it WASN'T an adultery movie. It was a "even promises made to crazy psychos count as promises" movie.
    As for "Catch and Release," I had my issues with it, but they could be summed up in two headings: 1. Chick Movie, and 2. Trying Too Hard to Have Realistic Dialog to the Point That Characters Are Saying Things No Real People Would Say. But there's no adultery in that movie, either. Aside from the backstory adultery of the never-seen dead fiancee. Man, you people are all enemies of even the hint of adultery, which I guess is better than my cheering it on. Yea, hints of adultery!

  11. I'm embarrassed to say that we actually own catch and release.But Only because of a buy 3 get one free movie deal. I HATE that movie.. so dumb. As for Waitress every time Zach an I went to the dollar theater the preview would come on for that movie and we would just laugh at how dumb it looked. I hate movies with affairs. (caitlin)

  12. I never like it when people cheat in movies. Everyone loves the notebook, but she cheated on her fiance who was way hotter than Ryan Gosling and he was perfect and she loved him. I couldn't get over it and I was yelling at her (at home, not in the movie theater).



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