We finally returned from our "vacation" last night. I call it a "'vacation" because I would normally define a vacation as relaxing. It was good to see family, however, after being gone for 9 days, I had begun to forget what it's like to sleep in my own bed, have my own things, and not live out of my car. The living out of our car thing was probably the worst because it was Christmas and we kept accumulating things everywhere we went. Please realize that I have literally 300 photos from the past week and a half, so while this may seem like overkill, I am really sparing you by not posting them all on my blog. (You're welcome.)

It is really is a shame that our video camera is broken, because each time Luke opened a present he said, "Oooooh. WOW." It was great.

My sister, Kelley, gave him some fake cookies. Luke was really excited when he saw the box. (Here he is trying to get them out.) He chewed on each one for about 3 minutes until he realized they were plastic. I really hope they don't contain lead paint.

We got Luke this two tent and tunnel set on eToys.com for $25. Luke enjoys it, but I am disappointed because part of it has already broke. My friend who has the same one told me that the tents are very durable and that her kids have been walking around with them on their heads for two years and they are still very much intact. Of course, Mr. Luke has already caused extreme damage to them after just playing with them for a few hours.

Erik and the other pallbearers at Grandma Beecroft's funeral in Mesa.

My Dad and Luke.

Just another small family gathering with the Lassens at Christmas Eve. Here are 60 or so of us holding hands, singing carols and dancing around the Christmas tree.

Here I am at Christmas Eve, big, pregnant, and stuffing my face with chocolate. (Stuffing my face with chocolate is a theme that continued throughout the remainder of the vacation.)

Erik and my brother-in-law, Haans, on Christmas Day at the beach.

Erik and Luke walking on the beach on Christmas Day at sunset.

On Thursday night we went down to the El Capitan Theater to see Enchanted, and then do the "Enchanted Experience" afterwards. It was a lot of fun, and I actually enjoyed the movie even more the second time!


  1. Visiting family is fun...we missed being with ours this year. But I hear ya on the living out the car..it totally stinks. Plus when you get home, it takes a good week or more to unpack, get all the laundry done and get the kids back on a schedule. Happy Vacation return work!

  2. We are missing you already! We went to the Jenkins reception tonight and Annie and Spencer were there...they were hoping you were still here to get together with other friends this week. We sure love you and enjoyed being together even though it wasn't a relaxing couple of weeks.
    Love you and Happy New Year!

  3. (caitlin)That last picture is so funny! Sounds like fun! No wonder you wanted to spend Christmas with the lassens!

  4. I'm confused. Isn't haans like 7 years old? I thought he was the baby of the family.

  5. I'm happy I got to see you guys and Luke likes his fake food!

  6. No wonder you look like you had such a great time at "Enchanted": Luke wasn't there! We looked all through the picture and can account for everyone in your family except your son. (Nancy thinks Ditte's also missing a son.) Did you trade them for "Enchanted" tickets? How California of you.

  7. haans, haans, christian, cristin, kirsten... there's only 2,000 lassens, you have to repeat names sooner or later. anywho, you know what we forgot to do cristin is take a picture with the GOODRICHES sunday night, when we were actually all together. O'well we blew that one

  8. Besides, it's not Haans, it's Hans that's the baby! And yes, Cristin and I paid big money to have Bethany come over and babysit our two little carpet sharks! Yeah for good babysitters! She even had my house all picked up! She' great!

  9. Hey! Looks like you guys had a fun (and BUSY) Christmas "vacation"!! We were SUPER bummed to hear that you guys had already headed back home by the time that we got here, We were hoping to be able to hang out. I totally understand about wanting to have your own stuff though. We've been gone for over 2 weeks and I am already missing our bed and tired of living out of suitcases. We also keep accumulating stuff- we came with 2 suitcases and are now up to 4! Already dreading the flight home! Have a great week. Let me know if you guys change your mind and drive down before Saturday! :)



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