Have any of you ever visited Famous Mormons.net? I think the purpose is to clear up any misconceptions about who is and isn't a Mormon (no way, Mitt Romney and Marie Osmond are Mormons?!?! Get outta town!) According to their Frequently Asked Questions, numerous "Famous Mormons" have asked that their names be removed from the website for one reason or another. Like, did you know that Richard Dutcher, director and writer of God's Army, is no longer a practicing member of the church? (I always hated that movie anyway.)

Some people that I am surprised haven't yet requested that their names be removed from the Famous Mormons website are:

Amy Adams

Ryan Gosling

Katherine Heigl

The funniest entry is about actress, A.J. Cook. Since I read People Magazine and have never heard of her, she must not be that famous so I'm not sure what she's doing on the site. Her entry reads:

Born in Oshawa, Ontario, Andrea Joy Cook grew up in Toronto. A devout Mormon, Cook only accepts roles that don’t go against her faith.
Final Destination 2 (2003)
The House Next Door (2002)
Out Cold (2001)
Ripper: Letter From Hell (2001)
Teen Sorcery (1999)
The Virgin Suicides (1999)
Roles that don't go against her faith? Virgin Suicides? Ripper: Letter from Hell? Final Destination 2? These are all totally movies I plan on showing at Young Womens activities.


  1. I never believe the rumors when people say famous people are Mormon. I'm still not convinced Steve Young is Mormon. :).

    At least in Virgin Suicides she was a virgin, right? Maybe the letter from hell was just a warning that if she keeps sinning she will end up there. I think it can be approved for your YW activities.

  2. I had no idea Ryan Gossling was a mormon! Who knew? I'd like to see some of those names show up on a ward directory.

  3. That is pretty dang funny! I wonder who runs that sight. Apparently not a mormon if they think those movies "don't go against her faith."

  4. (cristin's mom) Just don't read the "Infamous Mormons" part of the website. It might cause you to think twice about attending the temple after the sun goes down...

  5. I love how the Steve Martin rumor got started. Someone misunderstood their kid saying they baptized someone named Steve Martin, he told everyone who told everyone, and when he found out a few days later it was just a guy with the same name, not THE Steve Martin, it was too late in Mormon gossip land.



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