As most of you probably know, 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. There are so many jokes I want to make, but then a part of me is like, "Oh that's mean. She must be having a hard enough time with an unexpected teen pregnancy. I should feel sorry for her." But the other part of me is winning today so here goes -

My first thought when I heard the news was that you can take the girl out of Louisiana, but you can't take Louisiana out of the girl. My next thought was when is Lynne Spears' (mother of the famous pair) parenting book coming out? Obviously, anyone that can produce such well behaved, respected and intelligent children certainly deserves a book deal. Oh snap, according to People.com, her book has been delayed indefinitely. Hmmm, wonder why? You'd think Britney's yucky antics would be enough to stop the book, but nope it took a teen pregnancy to do her in. I guess there are still a few big no-no's these days, with teen pregnancy being numero uno. (Sorry, I guess seeing your child drive with your grandchild on her lap down the PCH or partying in minis with no underwear doesn't count towards any "bad mother" points).

Do I sound like a jerk? I probably do. I hate that Britney Spears is all over the news for doing nothing redeeming and now I am perpetuating her legacy by posting this blog. Confession time: I act like I don't care and I am too cool for all of this, but in truth, certain friends and sisters and I shamelessly call and text each other with breaking news like this. I'm the girl that reads People Magazine while in line at the grocery store, getting my hair done, or in the doctor's waiting room. It's so embarrassing that sometimes I want to hide the People in a copy of Time or Highlights Magazine. Now you know.


  1. I am one of those people that text everyone when I heard last night. The first thought that came to my mind was, and you always think your family has problems, and then comes the Spears. I actually feel really bad for the girl. Who's the daddy? Now that could make it even more interesting if it's an adult! Poor Girl. Poor Nickelodeon.

  2. What's sad is you know she's going to keep this baby and perpetuate the whole family legacy. (Does legacy always have to mean "good"?, because I'm using it here as a very very bad family legacy). I mean, she's 16. Based on the examples around her, she has no model on how to be a good parent. And I'm sure there are those out there who find themselves in this situation and turn it to the positive. But I'd bet money that she's not heading in that direction.

    Plus each time I read about teen pregnancy my mind wanders to the growing list of people I know of who are waiting desperately to adopt a baby.

  3. Nancy - I do the EXACT same thing every time I hear of a teen pregnancy. Do you know how many women would kill for an unwanted pregnancy or good couples who have been waiting for years to have kids that would pay lots of money to adopt that baby?

  4. Ya know it's a shame that the mom's book isn't going to be published because I would like to know how to avoid raising two incredibly stupid children. What I would like to know is where is Britney and Jamie's father?

  5. I never pick it up to read the inside while in line, but I will occasionally buy one that looks especially juicy.

    I also feel embarrassed just reading the titles while in line.

    I think you should hide it in another magazine because people would see you doing it and it would just make it that much more funny.

  6. I'm sorry, but did you say "unexpected teen pregnancy?" Oh, I guess she is one of the millions that forgets that having intercourse can get you pregnant. I guess it is that fantastic upbringing. Apparently her mother forgot to tell her that a man's sperm and a woman's egg makes a baby. Hmmm. Unexpected? or just stupid...yeah.

  7. they announced on the country music station here in phoenix the name of the father.. "Casey something or other"? and that he works on the pipeline in Baton Rouge.. Don't know if any of that is true?



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