Thanks again to Fox News for bringing us up to date. Today on their homepage, among headlines like, "Woman Dies During Root Canal" and "Holloway Case Closed" is "21 Questions Answered About Mormon Faith." I don't know whether to be pleased or irritated with such strange publicity for my religion. Supposedly this is part of a series devoted to the candidates. I can't wait to read "21 Questions About the Catholic Faith" or "21 Questions About the Baptist Faith." Yeah, as if Fox News would actually post something like that when they spotlight the other candidates. Next thing you know, we're going to be seeing missionaries on "Meet the Press."


  1. I went and looked at the article and I don't think it was done that well. I get what your saying about the other religons and how nothing is ever done about them.

  2. I get so annoyed too! I hadn't seen that article yet, but I think the questions asked were really stupid.

  3. Hey, this has nothing to do with politics, since I only frequent your blog to find out what I'm missing by not watching TV, but I wanted to say this: I didn't think I could hate Mariah Carey any more than I already did, but your blog is challenging that assumption.
    Seriously, though, I haven't read the "21 questions" article, but I can't see how it could be a bad thing, unless their answers are wrong. I was pretty pleased with the way the AP handled the "Huckabee asks if Mormons believe Jesus and the Devil are brothers" story. They not only cited an answer from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, but they added, "which is a Biblical teaching," to cut the legs out from the Evangelicals who don't even know what the Bible teaches, they just know Mormons have horns.



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