My sister-in-law Trine (aka Poop Boots), posted that one of her "Family Fantasies" that rarely happens is to watch DVD's with her husband, snuggled up on the couch in their pajamas, eating popcorn. Wow, Erik and I didn't realize that we were living such a fantasy lifestyle. All we ever do for "date night" is sit on the couch and watch DVD's! This weekend was especially good because we actually watched decent movies. (Last weekend we watched Evan Almighty which was so-so. It's the kind of movie that Luke will probably really enjoy when he is 5.)

Friday night we watched Disturbia. It's been awhile since I've seen such a suspenseful, funny and entertaining movie. If you haven't seen it yet or know nothing about it, I definitely recommend it. I don't really want to say much for fear that I will spoil it. Probably not "Best Picture" material, but definitely a great rental!

Saturday night we watched a movie about an insanely good looking couple and a pretty girl who mistakenly falls for a hobbit played by Jack Black. Things that I found to be unrealistic (in order of importance):

1. Kate Winslet falling for Jack Black.
2. Kate Winslet teaching the old guy to walk without his walker in 1 to 2 days.
3. The whole WGA dinner thing happening within days of the old guy's acceptance.
4. Jack Black acting serious.
5. The rate at which Cameron Diaz and Jude Law's relationship accelerates. (Maybe the relationships of absurdly good looking people move at a faster speed then the rest of ours? I wouldn't know.)
6. How willing the two ladies are to blindly turn over their homes to complete strangers.

Maybe it wasn't supposed to be realistic. Either way, despite the obvious flaws, we both enjoyed "The Holiday." I was also very grateful for not too much physical contact between Kate Winslet and Jack Black. Nobody wants to see that. Only beautiful people should be allowed to kiss in movies. Just a thought.


  1. I was cringing thru out The Holiday. Insanely unrealistic even by Hollywood standards...

  2. I will have to check out "Disturbia." I checked out a movie from the library the other day that is basically like "The Holiday", with two women trading houses, etc. called "Tara Road" with Andie Macdowell. I kept thinking, "I thought they did this movie, but with bigger stars" because I had seen the previews for "The Holiday."

    We are also living Trine's fantasy. For awhile it was TV shows on dvd, but we're back to movies again. Recent movies: Spiderman 3, Oceans 13, and Strangers on a Train.

  3. I don't care how unrealistic the Holiday is, sometimes it's okay to watch fantasy movies like that. I loved it. Hurt my cheeks though, because I couldn't stop smiling the entire time I was watching it.

  4. oh- and HOW IN THE WORLD did you get Erik to watch Disturbia? Doesn't he think "the sixth sense" is too scary to watch?

  5. told you to watch it! i know its unrealistic. but we can dream right? (caitlin)

  6. Yeah, was Disturbia scary, cause I can't handle scary movies either? But I like Shia.... And I only like doing movie nights every once in awhile, not all the time. It just seems rare that Larry really wants to sit down and actually watch the whole thing (he has movie ADD).

  7. Trine - I don't know if Disturbia is necessarily scary, but Erik (who can not handle scary movies AT ALL) loved it. So it can't be that bad if he sat through it with no problems. It's probably more suspenseful than scary.

  8. Hi Cristin, thanks for the movie reccomendations. Mason and I will have to schedule a movie date night. Congrats on Lukes excellent behavior in the nursery. I'm not surprised, as it is totally normal for kids to dish the worst to their parents and be angels for others. It's a good thing, really. I have been out of town, so I had to catch up on all your blogs over the weekend. I really enjoyed your youth video on XXX movies. It was hilarious and very well done. I loved the music and timing of music to the scenes. I enjoyed meeting you at the coffee shop- however I sort of felt like a spy. Perhaps I'll see you at playgroup on Wed. after Turkey day. Happy Thanksgiving!



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