We took this picture of Luke after church this evening. (Excuse the sword and food in his mouth, it's the only way he will pose.) What a great day! The Primary President said we could start bringing Luke into the nursery a month before his 18 month birthday to "acclimate" him as long as we stayed with him. I sat in the corner the first hour and watched as he magically turned into this angelic child I didn't recognize. The second hour approached and the nursery leaders told me to go and leave him in there because he was doing so well. (How often does Luke behave well anywhere??!?!? Answer: Rarely.) When I fetched him at the end of church, the leaders told me just to leave him in there from now on because he did so well. The most dramatic part of the afternoon came when I had to remove Luke from the nursery when church was over because he loved it so much.

Erik and I are amazed that our "crazy and wild" Luke was so well behaved. I wouldn't believe it, except that I saw it with my own eyes. He didn't throw toys! Or cry!! A kid even pushed him and it didn't phase him!

The best part is that after what has seemed like an eternity, I finally get to go to 2 full hours of classes at church without having to worry about Luke! Goodbye hallway! (Knock on wood.)


  1. Wow! Lucky you! Today in nursery, I had to stop Gavin from knocking over the play kitchen several times, stop him from pushing this cute little 18 month old girl so many times I lost count, and take him down off the table that he wouldn't stop climbing on. (did I mention that Nate and I are nursery leaders temporarily?) He was the worst behaved one in there!

  2. Yea for you guys! You'll get a few months of freedom at church before the new baby arrives. Although Brandon currently has two callings to avoid Sunday School... sort of. He got a new calling and they haven't yet found his primary teacher replacement. He's sort of hoping they don't.

  3. That's great! The 18 months old we had in nursery were absolutely aweful. Would just cry cry cry. Luke is such an Angel!

  4. Lucky you! While Abie has been so good and as far as we knew she is...we got word this past week that she's starting to show some serious personality. It's even been confirmed by another parent (has to stay with his child) that knows Abie well. Be warned he might "acclimate" quickly!

  5. That's awesome, lucky you! We'll see how Leyna does, if someone even touches her, its over. She's getting more used to it I think because of my exercise group, but usually she hates to be touched by other kids. And she's developing separation anxiety. Of course, one month before she gets to go in. Good for Lukie, what a champ!

  6. What great news. 18 months is such a magical age. I cannot wait until Feb. 17 when I can leave Owen in nursery, but even then I won't be free to attend sunday school or relief society...I'll be stuck in primary with everyone elses kids. At least I won't have a screaming Owen on my hip anymore. Enjoy your newfound freedom and congrats on your angel child!



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