I am all too familiar with strikes. The French LOVE to strike. I don't think I emphasized this enough. They LOVE LOVE LOVE to strike. The two most memorable strikes of my mission (in France) were of course, 1) the postal strike, because it is horrible as a missionary to not get any mail and 2) the garbage strike. I actually really enjoyed the garbage strike. Yes, the garbage bags sitting out on the corners forever were gross, but the best part was when the garbage workers paraded through town on the back of garbage trucks, all while tossing garbage EVERYWHERE. The leader of their parade was not a garbage worker, but this crazy investigator we had who just wanted to be part of the action. Like I said, the French LOVE to strike.

The top news story this week (at least in L.A.) has been the writer's strike. It seems the WGA can't agree with "the man" about things like internet royalties for tv shows. I don't know. I like a good strike, but when this means that I can't find out what happens with Jim and Pam on the Office or watch 30 Rock or watch more than 3 episodes of Lost when the season starts in February, well, I get really irritated. I mean, I already waited all summer for my shows to start, and now I'm going to be forced to either watch lame reality shows like "The Bachelor" or read a book. READ A BOOK?!!?!?! (Just kidding, kind of.)

So here is my public plea to "the Man." Just give them (the writers) whatever they want. You know you will eventually, so just do it and let us all get on with our make-believe television lives.


  1. We lived through the grocery store strike in CA. At first I was really intimidated to "cross the picket line" to buy groceries, but eventually it was just a normal event that had to be done.

  2. I'm with you. I just hope that they pay those guys the money they obviously deserve (I regularly watch show online since I'm without my DVR temporarily) so I can continue to enjoy my favorite shows like Lost and Grey's Anatomy!!!

  3. Doesn't "the man" realize that he is punishing us as well? I haven't been following the strike so far, but after going to http://unitedhollywood.blogspot.com/ I'm with the writers!

  4. Thats really funny to see Toby, Kelly,and Ryan out there. As I was watching it, I couldn't help but feel like I was just watching a weird episode of the office. Kelly doesn't seem much different in real life.

  5. "I gotta go, that's my ride..."!

  6. If I could throw garbage thought the streets I would want to be part of the action. It's not like I want to litter, I just don't think you get the chance to act like a crazy person and get away with it.



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