Luke is eating again! This past week he has eaten all sorts of real food, including spinach, carrots, taco soup, pork ribs, lasagna and tostadas. Oh happy day! I was really starting to worry that he would shrivel up into nothing if I didn't start spiking his milk with a protein shake mix.

Since it's only been a week, I'm not claiming to be an expert in getting kids to eat. Although, I have been making quite a few changes in the way I do things, including:

1. My Attitude. No more looks of desperation, begging, and chasing him around the house with a sandwich. It's on the table. If he's hungry he knows where to find it. Even if I'm not hungry, I sit down next to him at the table while he's eating.

2. Toddler Plates and Cutlery. I bought this stupid little plate that came with a toddler fork and spoon last week. The best thing ever. Even if he doesn't use them properly, he gets excited about holding the fork.

3. Feeding Him 4 Small Meals, plus snacks. Essentially I am feeding him little things all day. It is a lot more time consuming than 3 big meals, but he eats more. In between the four little meals he eats snacks like graham crackers, fruit, and cheese.

4. Luke "helps" cook. This is a little crazy (and messy), but it really makes a difference. I let him help spread the peanut butter on the bread. (Yesterday I handed him a knife covered in peanut butter to spread it on the bread and he just licked it clean. Oh well, at least he's eating!) He loves waiting for his toast to pop up. If I'm stirring something in a bowl, I give him a bowl with a spoon so he feels like he's helping. Today he even "helped" me peel an orange. (Or "orngeee" as Luke calls them.)

5. If he says "no", give it to him anyway. 9 times out of 10 he rejects the food I offer him. He even says no to cookies. I used to say, "Oh, he said no, so he must not be hungry." Instead, I've started putting the food on the table regardless of his response. Once I begin eating myself, he usually hops up and eats what is on his plate too.


  1. That's great Cristin! Congrats on getting Luke to eat.

  2. You shouldn't have added fuel to his fire! J/K Go Luke!

  3. (Caitlin)Wow those are some great tips! I might need those when Jonah gets his age! I'm so excited to see luke!

  4. Good to hear that Luke is eating better! Those are some good ideas. Gavin is on a bit of a hunger strike at the moment. It seems to be a never-ending cycle. And it's usually either Kaitlyn or Gavin at any given time. (maybe I should be glad that I'm saving money on my grocery bill... no, I'm kidding)

  5. Yeah, mom just told me Luke is going to have his own place sitting at the dinner table for thanksgiving. which is really exciting... but I also hope I don't lose my appetite while watching him feed himself. sorry! obviously- I'm not a mom!



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