Erik was supposed to be doing an inventory of his plane kit tonight to get it ready to sell, but instead I found him playing make-believe in the garage.

Wow, either Erik is really strong or the plane body is really light! You decide.

The Long EZ with the lid on. Yes, in case you were wondering, he really was making "Vroom, vroom" noises while I took this picture.

I agreed to sit in it with him and make a few "Vroom, vroom" noises. And, no, it does not make me want him to build it. (This is what parents do when the kids go to sleep. We play "pretend airplane" in the garage.)


  1. Play pretend "airplane"?! What an idea! I'm going to have to try that one. If I save enough diaper boxes, I just might be able to make an airplane.

  2. Thats okay your two play pretend. Vak and I play "dress up" all the time, I think a husband who plays dress up is much worst than a husband who sits in half of an airplane and pretends he is flying.

  3. Men really are boys in grown-up bodies. I know my husband is!

  4. That is a funny and very cute picture of the two of you in the garage going "Vroom, vroom". I wish I could hear you saying those words, knowing what GREAT sound effects you makes! :-) I'm smiling thinking of your gun noises. What, did you grow up with all sisters?

  5. man, you guys need to get rid of all that junk in your garage

  6. I should send you a picture of dad and I sitting in the model A in OUR garage! We couldn't say vroom, vroom....lets' see, how about Putt, Putt, Putt....
    You are both so funny! Erik...I'm proud of you for already starting the inventory process! That's a big job....maybe that's a benefit from your TV shows being on strike!
    Love you all....



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