Today I was at the Dollar Tree and had an epiphany of what to be for Halloween:


I can't believe I never thought of this before! It will be so easy. I'm going to wear my all black yoga pants and a black shirt. To spice up the outfit, I bought the kids Ninja costume from the Dollar Tree. While it is too small for me, there are still selected items I can use from the 8 piece costume set (the hood, a couple scarves).

To complete the costume I also picked up these nunchaku and cool plastic sword! At first I thought nunchaku was misspelled or a case of bad English on a product made in China, but according to Wikipedia, nunchaku is the correct way to say "numchucks." Interesting...

Other cool things about being a ninja:

1. If it is lame, I just cover my face and no one knows it is me.
2. I can do lots of kicks and punches with my plastic sword and nunchaku.
3. I have found an excuse to wear the only non-maternity pants I own that are comfortable.



  1. Sweet . . . you can practice all of your "skills."

  2. (cristin's mom) Good for you! I can't wait to see a photo of Ninja Cristin. Maybe Luke could be your mini-Ninja buddy instead of a traumatized giraffe.

  3. Yeah- I bet Luke wants to be a ninja too! Either that or your really going to freak him out with that costume. whats worst- him wearing a giraffe on his head or his mommy dressed up like she's going to rob a quickee mart?

  4. Yeah, maybe Luke won't be so concerned about his costume once he sees yours! :-)

  5. I think this costume really might confuse and freak luke out!(caitlin)

  6. Will you please video tape your ninja kicks and punches and post it on your blog. That would be awesome!

  7. We'll have to compare you and Hans...he picked out a Ninja costume at Target...mostly because of the "nimchucks"sp? and the big huge sword!! I'll tak his picture and send it to you.
    Happy Halloween...



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