Erik refuses to play games with me when it is just the two of us, except on rare occasions. He says it's because I'm "competitive and cocky." WHATEVER. Well, last night we went to a fun Halloween party and played a few games, which reminded me of how much I love playing some games, and hate playing others.


Battle of the Sexes

We played this last night. This game is so sexist in that its makers assume that women know nothing about cars and sports, and that men know nothing about cooking or fashion. With that being said, I hate this game because I know nothing about cars and sports.

Phase 10


Any Numbers Game (except Yahtzee).

Doing math is not a game to me. I consider that homework.



I love word games, crossword puzzles and online Scrabble Blast. Scrabble was also the way my mom would judge guys we were dating. I'll never forget the time my sister's boyfriend, "Mr. Magic," came over and misspelled mutt wrong during the game. That was a sign of bad things to come.

Scene It

I am not a huge fan of DVD games because if you play them enough you start seeing the same questions over and over. However, I love Scene It because unless it is the Harry Potter version, I usually dominate and it makes me feel good about myself. (I dominate because I read People Magazine and I also prey on my poor friends who haven't played it enough to see the same questions over and over again. It's hard work pretending to be thinking hard about the answer to a question when deep down I know the answer because I played it the previous night.)


Mission risk is fantastic. Erik and I used to play together all the time until 3 years ago when he got mad that I was winning and hit the table really hard. All the little soldiers went flying everywhere and that was the last time we have played Risk one-on-one. It must be really hard for Erik to be married to someone that is better than him at Risk. Too bad I will never know what that is like.


  1. I thought you were going to say you quit playing risk with me because I am so competetive I almost punched a pregnant girl while playing it. I love scrabble too... but you know that. You must also know that I am better at scrabble than you.

  2. Kelley, no you are not. You try to use words that aren't in the official Scrabble Dictionary, like Texas. Everyone knows you can't use a proper noun. Duh.

  3. And you wonder why it's hard to play games with her!

  4. I don't like Battle of the Sexes either. We bought it a few years ago (without ever playing it) and only played it once. Like you, I don't know anything about cars and sports, and even worse, Nate knows more about cooking than I do. SOO... I should probably just give it to DI or something. Scrabble and Risk are tons of fun though!

  5. We totally hate battle of the sexes. It's totally biased! In favor of guys. Totally lame!

  6. cristin- quit bringing up things that happened when I was 10 years old. When you get up here we will play scrabble.

  7. cristin- quit bringing up things that happened when I was 10 years old. When you get up here we will play scrable.

  8. I HATE phase 10!! SOOO boring! And it lasts FOREVER! cristin, how did that party turn out with the food??

  9. Brandon's family is way into Risk... every time we're all together they break it out. But other than the newest sister-in-law, the rest of the women avoid it completely. Sorry... no interest there.

    With Brandon and me I am the Erik and he is the Cristin. He's super competitive and cocky and in your face about it when he is winning. We didn't play games together for a long time because it was no fun for me. He's gotten much better and is nicer now so we can play games together again.

  10. I love Scrabble! I think we will play that tonight. (caitlin)

  11. Scott introduced me to Risk our first year of marriage... 4 hours later I decided I hate this game and will just help him win, which was sort of frustrating to him, so we don't play it anymore :).

  12. (Cristin's Mom) I remember visiting you in Provo shortly after you were married and you had some people over and everyone talked me into playing Risk. I had never played it before, and didn't want to, but I wanted to be a good sport. After about 25 minutes I won the game, and I was able to (finally!) stop playing. I just remember thinking it was really uninteresting and Erik was NOT in a good mood after that game. And yes, Kelley is very slick about Scrabble, but it has to do with the way she doubles and triples points; very unkosher, but if you don't know the rules you are totally hoodwinked. By the way, somebody "borrowed" MY Scrabble game, so it will be a dull Thanksgiving....

  13. LOL I love the risk comment. Dan and i bought risk right after we were married. i must have been talking about it for weeks and i was so excited and opened it in the car on the way home. when we got home he said he didnt want to play with me because he isnt good at rolling dice. well i made him play anyway and he was a big baby the whole time but ended up kicking my ars. boys are dumb.

  14. I love games. When we first moved into Wymount this weird couple kept asking us to play games with them. Feeling bad after dodging them for three months we played Risk with them. I had never played before and won. They never spoke to us again - a victory all the way around!

    Oh, and Zach and I are both competitive so it's hard to play games with just the two of us as well. Once while playing taboo I got mad and threw the hour glass timer and it missed Zach but hit our friend right between the eyes. :). Certain games are off limits in our house or we'd be divorced.

  15. mom- are you accusing me of cheating at scrabble?!



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