Well, if that isn't the biggest, scariest picture of Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that I have ever seen! Holy cow! Erik has started doing this new thing that whenever a Chris Daugherty song comes on the radio he says with great concern, "Oh, Daugherty," and it makes me laugh really hard. So, in honor of that, "Oh, Ty."

I used to be obsessed with home makeover shows and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was my favorite. I'd watch it every week and always cry when Ty and friends would give a house, etc. to some deserving and down on their luck family. Then I started watching a lot and noticed the following pattern:

- The chosen family always has a disability, recent death, or both.
- Each week the designers and Ty always say something like, "This is the best/most touching makeover they have ever done."
- The female designer always cries.
- Ty always lifts his arms up a lot so you can see his belly and his pants are worn dangerously low.
- They always try to incorporate underprivileged kids into the building of the home.

Please, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that these are bad things. I just started to feel very manipulated after awhile by their obvious formula. Once I began to notice the pattern, the whole show became humorous as I could easily predict the next scene or statement to come out of a designer's mouth. I can barely stand to watch it now.

I discovered this email on the internet about how Extreme Makeover: Home Edition chooses their lucky families. (You can click on the image below to make it larger.) They are looking for home invasion victims and kids suffering from "little old man's disease," among other disappointments and maladies. Interesting...

The only home makeover shows I like to watch now are the ones where the people hate their home's new look. The other night I caught the end of a show called "Clean Sweep." The homeowner walked in, saw the new look and said, "This is disgusting! I have never seen anything this ugly. I hate it." The designers looked dumbfounded as to why she would dislike it (I agree with the lady, it was hideous). The show ended with the designers telling the camera that the lady was nuts, and it was good design. Now, that is great television!


  1. I totally agree with you about that show being annoyingly predictable. Now I just wait till there's fifteen minutes left and watch the end so I can see the new house.

  2. A family in my neighborhood actually applied to that show to have their house redone -- they have five children, three of which are severely autistic. According to the show, they weren't a "new idea" as the show had already done a home for a family with a child with autism. Our ward and community ended up adding on to the house for them instead. A pretty neat experience for all involved.

    And I agree, the show is totally predictable.

  3. I don't know if that was the same clean sweep where the people didn't like it, but they should be happy that some one where through their mess and cleaned it up. You can always change the design, but a crew isn't always going to be there to clean up your house. Those houses are so messy on that show that anything is an improvement.

  4. Not only is the show predictable, but they don't do much for the families anyway. Spencer's Sister's sister-in-law was on the show. They have an amazing house now but we got to hear how the show actually runs from her. Ty and all the designers are only working on the house for the scenes you see on Tv. (not a whole lot of working) The designs, to the building and everything in between is basically controlled by the construction company. As soon as the house is built, ABC is gone. Her family had a nightmare getting all of their belongings back from storage and had no hepl from the show. They are grateful for all they were given but it was an extremely stressful situation for them when the show ended. But, I cant help watching it still...
    ~Heather Talley

  5. yes extreme home makeover is predictable and cheesy as ever- but atleast they are helping people out! has "lost" built any homes for people? so as bad as the show may be, atleast these are real families that are benefitting. and yeah so there are a lot of needy families out there that don't have a chance of being on the show because they don't have a desiese that only 12 people in the u.s. have... but are you really going to hate on a show for trying to find the worst possible cases?

  6. The show is and has always been an hour long commercial for Sears. Which is fine since they are helping some people out, although it seems like they are exploiting people's issues for ratings!

  7. Darn! Too bad i don't have skin cancer-they would have done our house!



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