Hi, my name is Cristin and I am obsessed with natural disasters.

Really, I think I have a problem. The news coverage of these fires in Southern California has overtaken my life. If I could, I would sit for hours and watch as the news crew stakes out a house they know is going to burn and then wait for it to go up in flames. Doesn't it sound sick and wrong that I get excited about watching someone's house burn? It was the same with Hurricane Katrina, I was like, "Oh yeah, four more people just broke through their roof and are waiting for a helicopter!" I still love watching videos of people climbing into trees to avoid the tsunami in Indonesia from a few years ago.

The strangest thing is that we live just over an hour away from a bad fire in Santa Clarita and you wouldn't know it here. The air is clean, fresh, and I can't see any smoke in the distance. In contrast, there was a fire further away near Santa Barbara this summer and we could hardly breathe! Must be the way the wind blows. In fact, yesterday at playgroup, these women were talking about vacationing near Lake Arrowhead, and no one said, "Not a good idea to go there right now." I don't even know if half the people here know what is going on. (I'm sure they do, but no one says anything about it.)

I have never been in a natural disaster, so I know that my fascination is going to come back and bite me some day. Until then, I'll just continue to live in my little isolated bubble that is Tehachapi, breathe my clean air, and watch all the horrible suffering from the comfort of my living room. Not to be pessimistic, but someone once reminded me that Tehachapi only has three ways out of town, all of which they close on a regular basis due to wind or snow. So, I'm sure my day will come.


  1. My sophomore year at BYU for some reason our tv got KTLA. I would always watch the CA news. One day I was watching and they actually showed Brandon's parent's neighborhood and the school where my mom taught as some of the worst flooded parts. I was super intrigued and felt like I should be famous for awhile.

    The added bonus of natural disasters in CA is that it fills your entertainment news as well since they are all famous people in Malibu losing their homes, etc.

    My parents said they couldn't go outside because the ash falling was so bad.

  2. I've been following the news on these fires too. I think it's hard to have the right perspective on it until you truly are in the middle of a natural disaster. I remember when I was a teenager, living in Tennessee, we had a huge tornado go through our town and rip out the beautiful historic district. Church was even cancelled on Sunday so that all of the men could help with the cleanup. It felt very eerie to drive past the courthouse and see the whole middle torn out. Things look so different on TV than they do in real life! But the tornado woke me up at 4am and I heard it and was absolutely terrified! Luckily it didn't come too close to our neighborhood, though!

  3. That is so funny. I can not stand all the report over the fire. I think it is very sad for those who it has affected, but I can not watch someone saying every two seconds, the fire is still burning. I don't mind a two second update but not a five hour update on how the fire is still burning.

  4. I'm the opposite. I feel like because I don't want to watch the news that I am not being sympathetic enough. I feel sorry for the people who have to go through this, but I guess I get depressed and somewhat bored of the same coverage. Like Candace said I like to know what is going on, but not to dwell over it.

  5. I know I'm the same way, my roomies at BYUI would get so mad at me. "it's so depressing!" bla bla bla! this time however i'm having a hard time watching. The scary part is that we use to live in the middle of all that in Costa Mesa and the fires were just another thing we had to deal with...Like taking 2 hours to go a mile on the freeway...We would walk outside and find an inch of ash all over our cars after work or the next morning after a fire. it was crazy. Of course it was never this bad. Its so wierd actually seeing familiar places being destroyed on tv it gives me a pit in my stomach. i cant believe how many fires there are now! AND the other day they showed the street you turn on to get to my uncles cabin at Lake Arrowhead. As of yesterday the cabin was still there but the fires had reached the street over from them....SCARY!!! CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!



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