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Today Luke ate a half a piece of bacon, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 10 goldfish crackers, 1/4 of an apple with peanut butter, some tortilla chips, 5 itty bitty spoonfuls of refried beans and a whole bunch of milk. Yesterday wasn't much better. On Monday he actually would only eat a quarter of one ravioli for lunch! I am going crazy trying to get him to eat! We even bought him a special booster seat that, of course, he won't sit in.

Every day I ask him, "How are you surviving on milk alone?" He responds by running around the house (burning calories that he doesn't have) and screaming for his "bup"! Everything I read tells me not to force him to eat, but I'm getting worried that he is going to shrivel away into nothing if I don't take some drastic action. Today I actually considered putting Ensure in his milk. I didn't read that anywhere, the thought just came to me. Maybe this is just a first time parent worrying, but I wish he would just eat, DARN IT!

I'm starting to fantasize about the time when all I had to do was breastfeed him all day long and I knew he was getting enough of what he needed.


  1. Cristin,
    Hayden survives on nothing all day long. Luke's food log from yesterday could have been Hayden's and he's 5.5. Seriously, it drives me crazy. I just make sure that everything he does eat is nutritionally sound and then I don't worry anymore. The boy is so skinny, but that's how my brothers all were growing up. Luke will eat when he's hungry, but it's hard not to stress out about these little ones.

  2. I'm with Kim (by the way, hi, Kim!), and Luke will eat when he's hungry. Jackson's occupational therapist did once suggest that I use carnation good start (similar to ensure) for Jackson instead of milk, but Jackson wouldn't even touch the stuff. He wouldn't drink milk well until we went to 2%. Luke will grow -- he'll get there. At least he's exercising, right?

  3. I'm with you, too. Carson won't eat lately either.

  4. Between no food and his diaper rash...he's teething. If he has most of his teeth, then it is his molars (the worst pain)and he'll be fine on liquids. You can have one year molars and two year molars (Ethan just got those a couple months ago). But once the molars are in...that's the end of teething!!!

  5. He won't starve. If he's hungry he's eat. I couldn't wait until my kids started to eat solid foods because breast feeding for me is a constant stress of are they getting enough. We're opposites. I have a nephew who is ... 11 who eats that in a day. he's alive. He's just super skinny.

  6. teething. enjoy the feeding break while you can...and the mess from cleaning up break.

  7. This is really dumb, but how did you change your template? I really like the black and white.

    I have no comments or good advice about Luke, but I do wish I had that problem.

  8. I agree with the other comments... sounds like he's teething. Gavin went through the same thing a couple of months ago (and actually, I think they're a couple of months apart). Now he's got some cute little molars in the back and he's eating normally again... now if I could just fix our tooth brushing problem. :-)

  9. Now this may not work for Luke or many other kids, but with my kids I can say, you can drink water but you only get milk or juice after you've eaten your meal (either breakfast, lunch or dinner and that's the only time they get it). Elisabeth used to drink a whole lot of milk and wasn't really hungry for anything else until I enforced this, but if you do decide to try this and if he's still not eating after you try this for a day or two then I'd definitely try something else. He'll survive no matter what.

  10. why does Luke like he's on Kid Nation?

  11. Ya sorry I have tried to mess with it too for the header and it does that. It is a blogspot template design and the have it designed to be a certain size only sorry

  12. I'm with Luke in this one actually... sometimes eating is such a CHORE! Give him time, I'm sure he's come around. i man when he gets really hungry he'll eat.

  13. I told my doctor that Chloe wasn't eating very much. At the time I was giving her milk 4-5 times a day. The doctor said to cut out 2 of the bottles a day and feed her food every 1.5 - 2 hours. That has worked great. I only give her milk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner and she has been eating like a little piggy.

    Chloe also is kind of picky so here are the foods she likes:
    Whole wheat pancakes,
    chicken strips,
    pasta pick-ups,
    turkey sausage,
    She isn't picky about fruit or snacks so I won't list all of that.

    Another thing I tried was freezing the baby yogurt. I then cut it up in bite size pieces. (She only likes to eat with her hands never when I try to feed her).

  14. Grace used to eat like that. She must've gotten 80% of her calories from milk alone, and she didn't drink THAT much milk either.

    Emily was gone ALL day Saturday, so that was it. No bottle from me. She ate quite a bit at lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday and yesterday. Today, Emily says she wasn't so good, but still, she's been eating more.

    Grace is still fitting into 12 month clothes and she's almost 2! Must be she burns it all off, instead of growing with it.

  15. My daughter would much prefer to drink her daily diet, rather than actually eat anything solid. I enforce the same rule as Elisa--no milk or juice until after you have eaten something. I think it's pretty normal for kids to be moody eaters. One thing that really works for our daughter is to let her "eat on the run." This is especially great during summer when we can go outside for the activity. Maybe try picnics in Luke's room or other unusual places. We also tired playing eating games. For instance we have played memory during dinner and with each turn you must take a bite. (Great for our 3 1/2 year old--you may have to be more creative for little Luke) The excitement of the game masks the dull act of eating. But don't stress. As Americans, we have a skewed perception of how much food is required to be healthy.

  16. cristin, if you ask me (and too bad you are hearing me opinion) YES you DO need to "force" food into them. kids get SOO distracted (especially Luke) they dont realize how hungry they are and then dont realize why they dont feel so good. anyway, just my opinion. (I am studying this topic you know)

  17. Dr. Lowe told me once that he had a little daughter that wouldn't eat. She never starved and she eventually began eating more and she's grown up and doing well now. Hope this gives comfort. I'm with you, though, I think I would try sneaking whey protein powder or something in his milk to boost it a little. I wonder if he'd drink it? We have lots of those kind of powders at the store...Alive is a multivitamin, etc. additive people put in their drinks? Next time you come, lets give you some samples and see if he likes any of them. Love you!



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