This post is directed to all those parents who claim to have angelic children. Just in case you don't know how you are, I will mention a few.

First, there is Candace, who up until a month ago said that Lizette rarely cried and always slept all night except for waking up at 6 a.m. to have a pacifier put back in her mouth. (Oh puh-lease.) Then there is Trine who managed to have Leyna sit on her lap during almost all of Stake Conference a few months back. (Luke lasted a whopping 5 minutes.) Oh and of course my nephew, Wyatt, supposedly eats everything on his plate and falls asleep anywhere, anytime, with no problems. Evidently though, the best baby of them all is Caitlin's who told me the morning after Jonah was born that he was "such a good baby" because he slept all night. I was like, "Um, wasn't he born in the middle of the night, LAST NIGHT? So he slept maybe 3 or 4 hours?"

Well, my child is perfect too. Perfect at throwing fits. Here is an example of how it is done. Take it away Luke!


Erik forced him into his booster seat and just strapped him in. This is the perfect beginning to the perfect temper tantrum. Notice the look of despair, "What are you doing to me?"


This is the cry that makes no sound. Immediately after I took this picture his lips started turning blue and we were saying, "Breathe, Luke, BREATHE!" Last Sunday, he had literally passed out momentarily from crying so hard when I traded "Luke duty" with Erik during church. Scary.


Whew, he's breathing again. Something you'll notice about Luke's technique is that he is highly skilled at looking you right in the eye so that you feel really guilty for whatever it is that you are making him do against his will.


Five minutes later he's obviously mad at us and feels betrayed for making him sit in that awful booster seat. The only one he can trust is the teddy bear.


Two minutes after the last picture was taken, Luke is laughing like nothing happened. What temper tantrum? I love how quickly Luke forgets. I hope that Luke always forgets things he is mad about this easily.


  1. It's GREAT that kids have such a short memory!

  2. I agree with Valerie, it is wonderful that kids have such a short memory. I will be sucking the snot out of Lizette's nose and she will be so mad at me and then 2 minutes later is just fine.

  3. I love the resiliency. The problem is one minute you have an angel, the next, a screaming maniac child, and then an angel again. Now that I think of it, it can be quite wearing on a soul. But I'd rather a child that bounces back than one that just stays mad forever!

  4. Just wait until he is two! Tantrums become louder, longer and way more dramatic!

  5. Cristin, your blog makes me laugh!

  6. This is from a mother who has been doing this for almost 31 years and still going strong! Thank goodness mother's forget, too! I have very few actual memories of those bad moments with each child...I know they happened and with some children, more than others. My memories right now are more of when they are teenagers and throwing temper tantrams or young adults, even! We had one of those in our home at 12:30 am just this past week! Now those are painful tantums....but they pass, too. It's especially good when we can makeup with our children and remind them again and again that we love them. Don't forget the hugs! Even an 18 year old needs a hug from mom and dad every day and often doesn't deserve it! Isn't being a mom the best job there ever was? The highest highs and the lowest lows are dealing with our children. When Hans was Lukes age, he had lots of meltdowns...for several years. I found the best way to get him back to happy was with a hug, whether it was at Target or at a park....just kneel down to their level and say, "I think you need a hug...." it worked every time. Much better than being a screaming, yelling maniac mom. It's better for your health, too! Love you Cristin. You are awesome!

  7. Just wait. Hayden was such a great baby (he didn't sleep through the night until after age one but we co-slept so it didn't matter). He never cried and was so easy, then he became a toddler - he needed stitches before he was 2, jumped off a 6 foot tall playground spraining his ankle at age 2, and is just plain stubborn. All these "angel" babies will get older and will make up for lost time.

    Oh, and Owen is completely different than Hayden ever was as a baby - easier in some ways, harder in others. Maybe baby #2 will be this tranquil thing that sleeps all the time for you (at least you can hope).

  8. WOW! It is great you captured the moments! Check out our blog

  9. Yes, I think age has a lot to do with it. If you take a toy (aka cord plugged into the wall) away from Chloe she will let you know what she thinks. Luckily I can't understand what she is yelling at me.

  10. WHAT is with is collar!??? Dont tell me Erik did that and he thinks he looks cute? Anyway looks like he is getting really chubby. well thats a good thing because he was really skinny.

  11. I know someone else who throws temper tantrums and then is happy two minutes after he throws them His initials are EJL! Love you!



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