Happy Due Date to my sister, Caitlin!

She actually sounded pretty calm when I talked to her today and said she was hoping he wouldn't come for another week so she could recuperate from being sick. Some people take the idea of an overdue baby better than others. In my opinion, people that are induced (for other than medical reasons) are
crazy. Yes, it is uncomfortable and you can't sleep at the end of a pregnancy, but at least you are still the manager of your own time (kind of). Once that baby comes, you are really a slave to whatever the newborn wants... sore and sometimes cracked nipples, up all night, tired beyond comprehension... enjoy the extra time without the baby!! I have quite a few friends who have been induced a week or two early because they are tired of being pregnant or my favorite, it was more convenient for the doctor (grrrrrr). CRAZY.

So, here's to hoping that Caitlin's baby is able to come in his own time!


  1. (Caitlin): Thanks Cristin! Yes, I'm surprisingly calm. I don't even think about having this baby anymore. I figure it will make the time go by faster if I'm not expecting it or think about it happening. I do hope that he comes before I have to be induced on the 11th. But I will try to enjoy the last days of waking up at 10, and watching every daytime tv show there is.

  2. She sure is a cute mom-to-be. And I can't say much for being induced, my kids definitely came of their own accord -- fast and early! Good luck, Caitlin!

  3. I can't wait to go to the hospital with her... and sit outside of her room and listen to her scream.

  4. Amen! Cristin! I totally agree with you on this one!



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