Here's the dealio: I have to write a song based on a familiar and simple church song that Erik can play on the guitar (so not too many fast chord changes) about avoiding "bad movies." (When I say "bad movies" I mean adhering to the guidelines in the For the Strength of Youth booklet.)

So far, the only valid suggestion I've received is to write it to the tune of "Pioneer Children" and say at the end something like, "And walk, and walk, and walk, and walk away." I have to write this by tomorrow morning! It can be painfully bad, as long as it is funny and gets the point across... any ideas?


  1. Okay, you said painfully bad is okay... Sung to "If your happy and you know it clap your hands"

    If there's swearing in the movie, just walk out

    If the actors are not moral, just walk out

    Etc, etc.

  2. ummm... good luck with that. that's totally one area i can be of no service in.

  3. Nephi's Courage #120

    The Lord commands his children to remember who we are
    Be above the filthy, and try to raise the bar
    Movies and media can teach us how to sin
    We must be courageous and not let Satan win.

    To that show, I won't go
    Even if friends want me to
    I know the Spirit won't remain
    If bad things I should view

    I can be clean and pure
    Bad movies I won't endure
    I'll be who God wants me to be
    and I'll always watch just "G"

    Verse 2
    The world has given us movies
    to relax and entertain
    If we are not careful then they can fry our brain
    We start to think that what's bad is really good
    And we fall in traps of not doing what we should

    Chorus Repeated.

  4. hey- so annie told me you had these web sites or getting these new templates- looks like the katie may one was pulled- she was banned or something from the company she was getting the paper from. Im not having success finding the shabby tulip one- any ideas?

  5. Okay so I just realized that Zach is perfect for writing you some lyrics! he writes so many songs and offered to try to come up with something..he really likes to do this!! (caitlin)

  6. Kylee's latest made up song is to the tune "the farmer and the dell" (which I was trying to teach her): "the people eat the cake, the people eat the cake, high ho don't they know, they get a stomach ache" that last phrase is very drawn out. Thats all i've got for you!

  7. While I got a lot of ideas... Sara's wins!! Who are you?? An angel? An answer to my prayers?!?!? Seriously, I don't care how much people make fun of blogging, in this situation, it has pulled through. Sara - GREAT JOB! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Erik and I practiced it a bunch last night, and with a few minor changes, it works perfectly!

  8. He didn't want to take the credit so he posted under Sara's name, but I have to brag - it was Ben. He was bored at work and it took him like 4 minutes. Glad you liked it.

  9. hey Cristen- did you have to re-enter all of your links when you got the new template put on there?



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