Yesterday morning I attended the monthly La Leche League meeting. All the mothers were sitting around in a circle. A nice new mother to the group was asking for help because her 8 month old rarely wants to nurse or drink breast milk from a bottle. She said:

"He won't drink breast milk from the bottle, but he will drink Coke. He loves Coke in his bottle!"

I didn't really look at any of the other mothers because I didn't want to make the new mother asking for help feel awkward, (the goal is to encourage rather than to alienate people from attending our meetings), but I did hear a quiet collective noise from the group like, "Huh?" Translation: Did she really say and mean what I think she just said? Oh, I hope she di'int!

Moral of the story: Please do not put Coke in your 8 month old baby's bottle. However, if you do, it is a very bad idea to go to a La Leche League meeting and tell everyone you do it.


  1. That is horrible. Soda is bad for adults, but for a 8 month old...I think that is soooo bad....

  2. I hate it when parents give their children (especially babies) soda. Nate tries to sneak it to the kids all the time! It drives me crazy! But seriously, in a baby bottle?!

  3. It should be ok because I heard Britney Spears does it. Ha, ha, jk. I don't want to be too protective so I will let Chloe have a sip or a bite of things (though she is almost a year old), but to give your child coke in a bottle???

  4. I just don't get how anyone can think that's okay. I realize that I read a lot, but doesn't every new mom in America own "What to expect when you're expecting" and "What to expect the first year?" Or some other equivalent book. Or take their baby to the doctor and hear stuff like, "your baby should only eat certain things." It drives me crazy to see kids my kids' ages (3 and 5) with bottles, especially with juice in them. Ahhh. But COKE!! It's not even just regular soda. It's caffeinated!!

    My kids didn't have soda until they were way older. And only because my three year old thinks it's fabulous will my five year old drink it. She always wanted it as a kid so we'd give her a sip and she'd say it was yucky because it was spicey. Then Thanksgiving rolled around last year and while I wasn't looking the aunts, uncles and cousins were constantly refilling my kid's cups with sparkling cider and now they beg for the stuff. But they don't get it. And especially not in a bottle or even a sippy cup.

  5. For real??? People do that!?? I am shocked!

  6. I get so angry that children are given sodas. Did you know that if you soak a tooth in coke it can dissolve in 2 weeks. That is the truth!



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