This guy, Alex Boyan (an Amazing Race winner), is trying to travel around the world for free within the next six months. AGH, I am so jealous. Why did I not think of this before I had to be responsible!!? Anyway, he is encouraging folks to log on to his website to give him ideas on how to get from New York City to South America and beyond for free.

We know that reality shows have a tendency to skew reality. In Kid Nation the kids aren't really alone. In the Bachelor, the Bachelor usually doesn't really get engaged to the girl. Heck, the Donald's boardroom is a (shock!) sound stage on the Apprentice! So, while Alex's trip sounds like a fantastic idea, and I definitely will be following his journey, it sounds a little too contrived to me. First, he has a one man film crew with him. That is sure to pique interest and elicit help. Second, he's a clean cut, not bad looking guy. I want to see someone with a hidden camera and dressed like a bum try to make it around the world for free. Now that would be interesting.

Since I can't go anywhere (dang you, husband, son, and lack of finances!), I am obsessed with travel shows. Lately, some of my favorite travel shows are "Long Way Round" with Ewan McGregor and a pal riding motorcycles around the world and "Full Circle with Michael Palin",
where he travels around the Pacific Rim. For now these will have to suffice.


  1. For a real life travel "show" please visit my friend's blog www.omeh.blogspot.com He really is on a SOLO bike trip across the united states...and for a good cause too. It is the real deal!

  2. I would love to see the entire world. Kirk, on the other hand, is not too eager. Plus, I've got no cash and a kid! I have a friend who worked as Steven Covey's assistant and got to travel the world with him. She saw the world and got paid to do it. I wish I had had a job like that when single, or a host of a travel show!

  3. Tyler and I would love to travel, but like you and Valerie, I too have a kid and no finance. I would love to travel to Italy, Brazil, etc. The only place I went is Denmark when I was one and Saudi Arabia in 2002. Saudi Arabia was neat but I felt out of place.

  4. Wait, so is this going to be an actual show, or is it only in clips on the Early Show? What a cool concept! I'm totally jealous.



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