Every now and then we see a really good movie and Erik decides he wants to quit his job to be an actor. I am being serious. I then have to carefully talk him out of it while not killing his dream outright or making him think I am "unsupportive." I think my number one fear, besides us being really really poor while he tries to be an actor, is that he will get some part and fall in love with his co-star.... this is assuming he gets parts that pay. I probably sound pessimistic, but someone has to be the grounding force in our relationship.

Anyway, I bring up the whole falling in love with your co-star thing because Jenna Fischer is splitting up with her husband of six years. While this is very
very sad, just admit that you are now secretly hoping she will get together with the also single John Krasinski. It's an awful thought, especially since her separation is so fresh, but I thought it indeed.

It's always very exciting when fake romances turn real. It's like the ultimate for people like me who have to be reminded from time to time that television and movies are just fantasy. When I told my sister-in-law, Kirsten, that the stars of "The Notebook" were dating in real life, she squealed like a little girl. (She will probably deny this.) Pictures of Zanessa (Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens) together are also very fun to look at, albeit they are like, 12. When I read that Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle had a romance during the filming of Pride and Prejudice, well, I just about wet my pants!


  1. You Crack me up!! I almost wet my pants when I read your blogs.

  2. You are so funny. For some reason it is extra fun when they're dating in real life. I still haven't seen HSM 2. I think when I saw the first Pirates I really wished they were dating in real life. Cool.

  3. I think it's so sad that they are splitting up... but you never know the influence that her "fake" tv romance has on her.

  4. what? erik wants to be an actor? are you serious?



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