It has been forever since we've been home for a weekend. We didn't go out of town and it was actually kind of fun being here in the 'Hachapi.

On Thursday night I was driving home from Home Depot and caught three people riding horses through our neighborhood like it was no big whoop. I guess dirt roads are pretty common here and there are only 5 intersections with street lights in the whole town. I was still like, "Whoa... horses in the middle of the street."

Luke's newest smile for pictures. Good one.

On Friday, Erik and friends held a memorial "shoot out" for one of their co-workers killed in the accident. I found this picture on the camera. I think they were trying to be funny or maybe they did a ceremony? Not sure. Erik didn't shoot his eye out. What a relief!

I saw an ad in the paper for a petting zoo on Saturday. It turned out to be a really nice family who owned a farm down the road from our house. They let us play with their baby animals for free. Luke was in heaven.

Doesn't the goat look like he's contemplating eating Luke's head?

Luke was kind of enough to cook dinner for us on Friday night*...

... and do the dishes. What a boy!

Tonight, after I started filling up the bathtub, Luke got into the bathroom and jumped in with all his clothes on. I guess he couldn't wait for his bath. What I don't have pictures of is him playing with his big poopy diaper and taking it off in the bathtub. This would make the 2nd time we've had to clean poop out of the bathtub this weekend, but hey, who's counting?

*Don't freak out. The stove was off and the pot was cold when I took the picture.


  1. Those pictures are so great- I seriously can't believe how big Luke looks. He's not a baby anymore! Leyna still looks like a baby to me...maybe because she still doesn't walk around wearing big kids shoes...oh, btw I tried calling you today and your phone was acting crazy, all I could hear was static in between ringing, no answering machine, etc. Weird, huh? Guess who took her first steps today....!:)

  2. I love those pistures! this was a "barton post". haha- Luke is really big. He is growing up so fast! glad you posted something today- I was getting worried.

  3. I love the ones of him "cooking." He is so dang cute! Gotta love the apron. :-)

  4. I love the pics of Luke. Especially the one with the goat. I feel really bad for Britney Spears. So she doesn't have the same body as when she was 16. Who does? She still looks great especially for someone who gave birth recently. I guess the media figured out that they are making major bucks on ripping her apart at any expense because that's what we want to read about. Poor girl. Even if she's a tramp or whatever, people should leave her alone.

  5. Luke looks like he's 4! I love these pictures. Post more! Did you cut that apron to fit? Or is that toddler size?

  6. Wouldn't it be nice if he actually could make dinner and do dishes? I would have him over to my place to babysit as well.



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