My sister, Kaci, called me tonight really mad.

Kaci: I can't believe I spent $17 on the new EFY cd. It is awful! Maybe I can sell it on Ebay.

Me: You'll probably get 50 cents for it. Why did you buy that? It's no different than Christian Rock. It is Christian Rock. If you heard that on a Christian Rock station you would change the station.

Kaci: You're right. I would be really embarrassed if anyone knew I was listening to this.

Me: Exactly.

I have a very low tolerance for Christian rock, including the LDS stuff. Does this make me a bad person? The Christian rock group I like best is called U2. Ever heard of them? In college, after the 100th time of screaming, "He----ey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, you must believe there are miracles, because today might be the day-ay that yours come true!" along with Micheal McLean and my roommates, I decided that it had to end. I will only buy church cd's with arrangements of hymns. The other stuff is weird. I give special thanks to my smart mission president who had the insight to ban all music that wasn't over 100 years old or not a hymn, because you know missionaries will listen to
anything. Erik told me that on his mission he really grew to love the sax solo on "She Sees a Diamond" on Micheal McLean's greatest hits. That's what happens when you go to a Mickey Mouse mission.

On second thought, I do like another Christian rock group - Everclean! Unfortunately, they're not real, so they don't count. Anyway, I was looking for a video from Sons of Provo to put on here, and found this concert footage from when we saw them at BYU. They don't show us in the audience, but we were there. That was the day I knew my husband loved me because he stood in a long line to get a poster signed by Everclean when I had to go back to work. The only person that will probably get a kick out of this as much as me is Candace, but I am posting it here anyway!


  1. Cristin,
    It just seems like yesterday when we took a long lunch and went to the Everclean concert.That was funny. That was the same day I knew my husband also really loved me, Tyler also stood in line for two hours for my poster to get signed. He had to ditch a class but I love my poster.. EVERCLEAN FOREVER.

  2. I have similar feelings about Michael McClean and others. It's like the christian version of heavy metal power ballads. Jake has that CD you have pictured signed and autographed by Michael himself as well as all the forgotten carols paraphenilia. I ask him every month or so if I can D.I. it. He acts offended and appalled that I would suggest such a thing. I'm still not sure if he actually likes it or not, or if he's messing with me, but he tells me he loves it, etc.

    When I was at Ricks as a music major, they posted signs at the begining of every semester in the music bldg. that "church" music was unacceptable for tryouts. My roommate made me play "A window to His love" when she tried out. It was totaly embarrassing. So anyway, I have strong feelings about this music probably dating back to the camarillo ya ward when someone got up and sang that Michael McClean song, "From His arms, to my arms to yours" or something like that. In sacrament meeting. Crazy!

    But also I've decided that there are too many people that I love that get the warm fuzzies from this music so I can't really say my true feelings without offending I think, so I guess I conclude, there are worse things to listen to? And it's always nice to find someone that understands exactly how you feel-so thank you. I've got a greg simpson story to tell.

  3. For me it all depends on the song. There are some I like, but I'm definitely not ga-ga over the stuff. I especially can't stand EFY/Afterglow stuff being sung in Sacrament meeting -- leave it in a fireside. I much prefer the church-approved materials. If you'd hear the Mo-Tab singing the song in General conference, it's okay to sing in church (I know, it all depends on your leadership for what's approved).

    Oh, and I love Everclean, too! When Sons of Provo first came out, I was very skeptical of it until Matt and I rented it a while later. We love to listen to the music, sing along, and laugh our heads off. Matt's favorite song is "Diddly Wack Mack Mormon Daddy," and I love "Sweet Spirit."

  4. Alright- Cristin so you are a HUGE everclean fan? Who was the person that introduced you to them? ME. I knew about them way way way before the movie ever came out- all thanks to Brad- the guy I was seeing who wore women's shoes. yeah remember him? He knew the guys in the band.

    Alright on another note, I too get completely disgusted when I hear "christian rock" music and the all time worst christian rock band is- "CREED"- can you take me higher? there is nothing more wrong than a man singing christian rock songs while wearing black leather pants and a torn white tee. I love U2, coldplay and Carrie Underwood though and they all sing about Jesus.

  5. cristin, I dont get you. Its was like not even 2 seconds after I talked to you that you posted this blog. You are fast. Anyway though, something must be wrong if you start making blogs out of my conversations. warning: Im one of the most boring people out there. But then again maybe that is why you had to dramatize it so. Yeah I STILL hate that I WASTED over 17 dollars on that cd. I tried to force myself to listen to it this morning while I was getting ready but still I think it is awful. I want to get rid of it so I dont have to keep thinking about the money I wasted and the horrible songs that make me cringe. Anyway though and speaking of Everclean. I used to think those songs were SOO funny, but when I came home from he mission I kind of felt bad for ever liking that stuff. Its kind of crude and mean I think. I dont know depends how you look at it I guess.

  6. I can't stand Micheal McClean!!! He was at Portland's Time Out for Women that I went to last spring and I couldn't believe it that all of my friends were so excited to see him. I'd never heard him before and it was almost torture to listen to. I just don't get it why people like that sort of thing...

  7. I love Sons of Provo... it cracks me up! I can listen to them any time! As far as "Christian rock" I don't mind it, but I am not out there looking for the "latest and greatest"! I suppose I just skip over the annoying songs...or tune them out.

  8. Mormoncast...is Katie grr, sharing computers...

  9. I'd heard of Michael McLean but don't know any of his songs. Have you notice the word clean is in his name? I like my music dirty!

  10. Okay, so I've never even heard anything by any of these groups. I see their cds advertised in the Deseret Book catalog, that's about it. But I must say that I really like Inside Out... the LDS acapella group. But also, we only have their Primary songs cd, not their other stuff. I'm super impressed with the acapellaness of it. And my kids totally crack up.

  11. "Everyclean sweeter than listerine!"..okay after watching the video you posted I sang almost all of their songs for zach... and he couldn't believe that i knew ALL the words... what can I say, this used to be my wake up music when I would get ready for seminary. Love it!

  12. Andrew and I helped at a charity function a few years ago for his aunt and Kirby was there. He is good friends with Andrew's aunt, so I think it was a favor for her. After seeing him "perform" there, I would have loved to see Everclean at the Y! When was that?!



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