I haven't done a post for Flashback Friday for awhile, but the Goldman family and Nicole Brown's sister were on Oprah yesterday and oh man, the verdict still makes me so mad!!

The O.J. Simpson trial occurred the summer after I graduated from high school and it was on every channel. Since I was (am) addicted to television, I watched as much of it as I could. It was very sensational and I remember thinking that many of the witnesses and attorneys were playing to the camera. I remember how dramatic Johnnie Cochran was and how clueless Kato Kaelin seemed about the whole thing. It seemed to go on forever...

When the trial ended, I was a freshman in college. My professor canceled class so that we could gather in the student union to watch the verdict being read. This was a really big deal. My friends and I gasped in disbelief, while a bunch of football players cheered.

So, now O.J. is coming out with this book, "If I Did It." Can you imagine anything more ridiculous??! If people still to this day, 12 years later, thought I was a murderer, I would try to stay as far away as possible from the case. O.J. is an idiot. This is disgusting. The fact that he is hiding out in Florida to avoid paying the money awarded in the civil suit is awful. I wish there were some way he could be prosecuted again. Even if he didn't kill them, who's to say he wasn't involved in it in some other way. Personally, I think the man is completely guilty and this dumb book makes it even more obvious. Really, "IF I DID IT"?? Who writes a book like that after being acquitted of murder?!?!? It makes no sense.

Since some of you might be too young to remember this (my sister, Caitlin, was 7), here is the verdict being read. I still feel so bad for the Goldmans and Browns.


  1. I totally remember all of this as well. I was actually in a Criminal Justice/Pre Law class in high school at the time. A huge marker of my parents' lifetime is where they were when they heard that Kennedy had been shot. It's sad that a huge event that we can all vividly think back to and know where we were during it is that stupid white Bronco police chase, and the reading of the verdict, etc.

    The best part about this book, if my source (ie: Brandon) is correct (or at least was awhile back when he told me) is that the Goldman's won the rights to this book. Thus the title seeming very much to be "I Did It," with a teeny tiny "If." And the subtitle of "Confessions...." And they get all the money... or most. Fabulous for them. It's sort of like finally getting a confession out of him. PLUS, he doesn't get any of the money he was probably counting on when he was stupid enough to write (have a ghostwriter write) it.

  2. What's hard about this book is that Nicole Brown's family did not want it published and fought it for a long time. Could you imagine his kids reading this? If I killed your mother, basically. That's terrible. I heard the Brown's also didn't want anyone to get ideas and do a copycat of what was written.

    All I can say is if it is published at least the families are getting some of the money that is owed to them legally. The idea of this book is so wrong though. His poor kids. (Well they're adults now, but still.)

  3. He is proof that our justice system is a joke!! I watched that Oprah too...both the Brown and Goldman families just can't get over their huge loss. The book is ridiculous but if someone is going to profit from it...better anyone than O.J. I AM GUILTY SIMPSON!

  4. I was just talking about this a day or so ago with someone. I remember sitting in science class in junior high and Mrs. Harrison stopped class and turned on the tv so we could watch the verdict. Even though I was so young, and didn't follow the trial in its entirety I was also really upset! I couldn't believe it. Oh please, like you were REALLY TRYING to put on that glove...I am so sure. E

    One theory someone mentioned the other day is that he doesn't think OJ did it, but knows who did. Perhaps associated with a drug situation. I am not so sure.

    I agree with you Cristin, the book just makes me so angry. Why doesn't he ACT it out for us? So we can all SEE how he "might" have done it. What a creep. And even if he didn't do it, why would you allow your mind to create such a situation. He is sick.

  5. (cristin's mom) I remember the smirk on O.J.'s face when the verdict was read. (I think captured forever on the cover of TIME.) I just served as a juror in a medical malpractice case. We found in favor of the defendant as well, but the reaction was different. Both the doctor and his wife started crying when the verdict was read. There was just something very disturbing about O.J.'s reaction. I think when Nicole was alive she had confided that she worried that one day OJ would kill her, and that he would "get away with it."

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  7. Yep, I remember walking in the halls of junior high and having people screaming out "He's innocent!!!" I still laugh my butt off thinking about him trying on the glove. WHO COULD HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT PERFORMANCE????!!!! I don't know much about the book. The whole thing is insane.

  8. I was a senior in high school and I was helping out in a 1st grade class and when the verdict came in we made all the kids sit on the carpet for some quiet time. It was classic. Then came the verdict. That guy is so slimy. I think it amazing people still proclaim his innocence. I just keep my mouth shut but here I think it's pretty safe. So why was he running away in the Bronco again? I just want to know where that dang black bag went!?!?!?! Darn you LAX.

  9. oh p.s. I'm waiting for something on this: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20055444,00.html

  10. I remember being in band class in junior high. Our teacher let us all watch the verdict being read on tv. He's such a scumbag. I hope that if this book does get published that he doesn't see one red cent. It's almost comical about him being a suspect for the Vegas armed robbery case. I hope he ends up behind bars any way they can get him there.



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