On autopilot, I looked at the Fox News homepage this morning. It's a hard habit to break.

I don't know how many of you know who Aaron Eckhart is. He's done a lot of first run movies, but he's not famous in the same sense that Julia Roberts or Tom Cruise are. Anyhow, some interesting tidbits about this actor are that he attended Brigham Young University and served in the Switzerland Geneva mission (my mission!) about 10 years before I was a missionary there. Erik's cousin's step-brother was even his mission companion. Here is a picture from 1989 on my mission website of him:

Flip to 18 years later and today's Fox News headline with this lovely picture:

The article explains that Elder Eckhart is starring in a movie, "Nothing is Private," that is essentially kiddie porn. Supposedly it is so bad that people walked out of a screening of it at the Toronto Film Festival. No wonder he looks so unhappy in this picture. He just finished shooting a graphic film where he repeatedly rapes a 13 year old girl. According to the article, the film doesn't leave much to the imagination.

How does someone go from being a good clean Mormon missionary in the best mission in the world to this? I realize that he obviously stopped living a "clean" lifestyle some time ago, but it's still sad - especially when liberal film people who are completely desensitized and used to watching all sorts of filth walk out of your movie.


  1. That is really sad, and not so much because he is an ex missionary (although that is sad)but really because more trash has just been put out there. the worst is that pure trash and filth like that have been managed to be disguised by saying it is just an artsy movie with celebrities like Toni Collet and Aaron Eckhart. grose and sad. I hope it is banned and burned. really sad...

  2. hmmm maybe because he really didnt serve in the "best mission in the world". thank you cristin for sad news as we also remember terrorist attacks 6 years ago. it just goes to show that anybody can "fall away" and totally screw up their life. I believe it all happens little by little.

  3. Thats just disgusting. Why would anyone make a movie about that, and what parent would let their 13 year old daughter star in that movie! You should write him a letter, as a fellow switzerland missionary.

  4. the girl is not really 13- she is really 18. but dakota fanning did make a similair movie and she is only 12.

  5. The world is changing...it's scary to think for our children.

  6. sad that we mormon girls lost someone that cute ; )

  7. Seriously, seriously sad. Wow. The world is not a good place.

    Amen Katie!

  8. Don't take that review too seriously - Roger Friedman of FOX never actually saw this film. There were so many blatant factual errors in his review it was apalling - references to incidents which never occured (such as sodomy) - not to mention completely made up facts about characters. For one example, the father in the film is NOT Iraqi, but Lebanese, and the film actually takes great pains to mention that numerous times. It's a central point of one of the subplots. Friedman even spelled the name of the lead character incorrectly - it's "Jasira" not "Jazeera"" - though I suppose over at FOX they were looking to make some allusion to "Al Jazeera" just to stir things up.

    Friedman bases his reviews not on films but on vague mutterings he gets from people about them third-hand. I doubt he was even in the city of Toronto last weekend.

    Friedman is the sort of "critic" who will pan a film without having seen it simply because the very subject matter or word-of-mouth regarding it makes him uncomfortable. It's a bit like trashing "Deep Impact" because you're vehemently opposed to comets hitting the earth.

    "A movie is not good because it arrives at conclusions you share, or bad because it does not. A movie is not about what it is about. It is about how it is about it: about the way it considers its subject matter, and about how its real subject may be quite different from the one it seems to provide." - Roger Ebert



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