We had a great Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, I returned home with a full blown cold and feel so lousy. I am not a good sick person because it intensifies my usual complaining by at least 200%. (Just ask Erik.) I intend to recover by doing as little as Luke will allow me to do today. (I am hoping this includes sitting on the couch, drinking tea and doing lots of crossword puzzles. Wishful thinking. Ah.)

Here are some pictures from happier times -

On Saturday, we went to Santa Barbara with Candace, Tyler and Lizette Barton. It's still so funny to me that we both have kids now. We did so much before we had children and oh how things have changed! We used to be "fancy free" and now we travel with all this gear, changing diapers in the car, nursing babies all over the place, and other fun stuff like that. We ate overpriced pizza at Rusty's on the beach. Everyone kept saying, "It's for the view," but I was facing a wall with nautical charts on it the whole time eating a $6 salad.

We then went to the Natural History Museum. They had this great exhibit called Grossology. Here are Luke and I standing in front of the "Toot Toot" exhibit. I do not find farting funny, but Erik and Luke were in heaven.

Luke trying to press the "Toot Toot" machines. (Yes, they made farting noises and the display talked about how you too can achieve different noises!) Erik said, "Like I need an exhibit to tell me how to make that sound. Come on!"

Then we went to the Butterflies Alive exhibit which was very fun.

A butterfly landed on Luke's left shoulder. Erik and I thought that was really neat, but he was mad that we had to leave the Grossology exhibit
and that we held him down for this picture.

On Monday we went to the beach with about 2,000 other people. Here are Luke and his cousin Wyatt. Don't they look like they are receiving some sort of instructions? Wyatt had been at the beach longer than Luke, but Luke is so much messier! Luke is over his eating sand phase, but now loves to roll in it. (Don't their hats look stupid??!! Just kidding. They are adorable.)

The tide came up and washed us out of the beach, so we went back to Gramma and Gramps Lassen's place and set up a wading pool in the front yard. Good times!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm suprised luke didn't try to eat the butterfly. Never heard of a farting exhibit before... not suprised you went to one though.

  2. I hope you feel better! Vak always tells me I complain too much too... so not true. Those are really funny pictures.

  3. I LOVE Rusty's! I suppose it is just being in SB that makes it great. I miss the beach!!!!! Maybe I'll get my little Zachary there while we are in Cali this week.
    Hope you feel better.I'm a terrible sick person as well. Joe says I complain WAY too much.

  4. Nothing is worse than being sick when you have to take care of kids. Just break down and let Luke watch Baby Einstein! :) If he naps, just try and relax.

    Ask Erik about the farting story from our 10 grade English video project! My boys (all 3) would have loved the farting exhibit.

  5. Hey Cristin, It is Jen Ball. Luke is great!! He is definitely of the "all boy" variety, as are mine. Your blog is hilarious...and you know Justin Timberlake looks good in a hat.

  6. That picture of Luke on the beach is so funny! He's a cutie pie. I hope you get better soon!

  7. Hey Cristin,
    I was so happy that you and erik went with us to Santa Barbara. We had a great time. Were you able to listen to HP on the way back to hachapi. I bet you got hooked. I am waiting for you to join the HP club.

  8. Is Erik wearing white socks with his flip flops?



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