We’re going on vacation next week and I can’t wait! I spent a good majority of yesterday putting together an itinerary and finding cheap hotels. I checked this great book out from the library called “California Driving Tours.” I’m excited because if Luke is having a hard time in the car, we can just look in the book and stop wherever we happen to be at something interesting. Rather than bore you too much with all the trip details, I will give you the highlights:


Drive from Tehachapi to San Jose.
Visit the Museum of Innovation
Visit the Children’s Museum (Maybe)
Visit the Winchester Mansion (Maybe)
Sleep in Milpitas


Spend all day in San Francisco
Sleep in Santa Rosa


Drive the Avenue of the Giants
Drive through a Redwood Tree (This is a childhood fantasy of mine.)
Visit the town of Ferndale
Possibly stop in Eureka to look at some old Victorian mansions
Camp in Brookings, OR at Harris Beach State Park

Thursday – Saturday:

Camp in Brookings, OR
Fish with my Grandparents
Drive up the Southern Oregon Coast to look at all the Scenic Points


Drive home to Tehachapi

Does anyone have any ideas about what we should do in San Francisco for the day? I have been to San Francisco a lot, but never with a very active toddler. So, please don't suggest, "Go see a play and out to eat." Because that is out of the question. I need something that we, as a family, will enjoy.


  1. Check out Familyfun.com. I love that magazine... here's the address for the San Francisco page:


    We always hit the zoos in whatever odd town we are in. The kids love it, and we get to see a big assortment of animals that aren't always at every zoo.

  2. The Jelly Belly Factory is like an hour north of SF. That's my dream.

    Let me keep bombarding you with stuff. We travel with our kids A LOT and we're in Kansas, so we have to hunt down the littlest of things to stop and do to entertain our kids. Here's another link for SF area stuff that's pretty cool:


  3. They have a great short cheap fun aquaruim in San Fran on pier 22 I think. It was fun and short. There is also a submarine that you can tour there too.. We took the tour around the bay and Annabella loved it. San Fran is fun down by the water and the piers just lots to see.

  4. Been to the jelly Belly factory(it's 45 minutes from my house)...not worth the drive, especially with a little one. If you want to be a tourist hit fisherman's wharf and pier 39. Bring a stroller and you can walk the boardwalk. We did it in April and it was fun.

  5. P.S. If you drive the 5 or 99 fwy home give us a call...we could meet up for dinner!

  6. I grew up there and my two suggestions would be 1) Pier 39, if Luke likes animals. My nephew, who was about 18 months at the time, loved the seals at the pier. Also, there's an aquarium there and a carousel. 2) The Exploratorium. It's kind of hands on science type museum, very kid friendly (although, I've never had a toddler, nor do I remember being one...so you may want to call and ask).

  7. Everyone - Thanks for the ideas. I think we are going to see the submarine that Tiffany suggested (Erik likes that kind of stuff a lot), and maybe the aquarium at Pier 39. We might go to the Exploratorium if we have time, we love it so much we usually go every time we are in San Francisco.



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