Mattel announced today that they are issuing a massive recall of their toys containing lead paint. Here is the list. As you can see, it includes stuff like Polly Pockets, a car seat, bassinets, mobiles, walkers and Fisher Price Toys featuring Elmo, Dora the Explorer and Big Bird. So, this morning I'll be going through Luke's play room and closet, fishing out all the tainted goods.

I'm already leery of most toys. Take for example this really cool looking toy that I fell in love with from Babystyle:

It costs $78. What if Luke plays with it only twice? I can't afford that. I was so tempted to buy it, but know that if I do, I will be literally placing him on it to make him play with it so that I feel I got my money's worth. I have no way of knowing what he is going to like or dislike, so I've decided that it's best to stick with clearance racks, pots and pans, duct tape, and garage sales when looking for Luke's toys. Plus, now it looks like even the most trusted toy brands, Mattel and Fisher Price, are having problems. That's too bad.

You know what toy can be trusted? BOXES. My Dad has made boxes my whole life, so many of my toys and Halloween costumes were made out of cardboard. I'll never forget the year I was an Oreo cookie and wore a visor with a carton of milk taped to the top of it. Or the awkward year I tried to go trick or treating as a refrigerator in an actual refrigerator box. It was no surprise to me that when we were in Arizona my Dad created this big "toy" for Luke:

Luke tired of it after an hour, but since it was so cheap we could discard it without any guilt! I love cheap toys


  1. Carson loves Sesame Street, so I was surprised that we didn't have any of the recalled toys. It's getting to the point that I am going to start making my own toys for him to play with.

  2. Thanks for the recall announcement

  3. I must have been too young to remember all of your "box costumes" Thats really funny... I just know I knew what corregated meant by the time I was 10

  4. Considering I work for a packaging company...Zachary will have all the boxes his little heart desires. In fact I was at Target today mulling over various toys and decided that I could find something at home he could play with!

  5. Thanks for that link! We have two toys on there that have been recalled. It is kinda scary that these innocent looking toys could be so hazardous!

  6. I'm surprised that we don't own a single recalled toy. These are a few of the toys we LOVE - lincoln logs, building blocks, legos, thomas trains and tracks (wooden only), and a play kitchen (it's a boy one - all blue :)). These are the toys that continually make the cut when we are getting rid of toys around birthday/christmas time. They are classics and Luke will love them. I don't ever buy plastic or musical toys. They annoy me,and after I while they become cheap junk.

    The toy you posted is really cool, and my boys both love those things in our nursery. But, we don't have one b/c I dislike having big toys out and I know that it's not something they would play with a ton.

  7. For Kimberly, the Thomas the Tank Engine wooden toys were recalled a month or two ago... ones with red paint. There's a list at:
    I've already mailed mine in, received my new train "Oliver" and been told I will receive my trains back in 8-12 weeks along with a check to cover my shipping them in. Pretty nice.

    As for the Polly Pockets, we've got a billion of these (not really, it just seems like it since there are so many teeny pieces). They were not recalled for lead paint, but for small magnets that can come loose and be swallowed.

    I feel bad, the Elmo sprinkler that I sold at a yard sale a few weeks back was apparently recalled I discovered while looking at all of the other recall stuff. Along with our Fisher Price Animal Farm/Barn - for screws that can come lose and fall out.

    Boxes are always fun. I used avocado bins out in the yard as forts as a kid. My kids won't ever let me throw boxes out. They decorate them and want to keep them forever so I have to dump them in the middle of the night when my kids are in bed.

    Otherwise I'm totally obsessed with toys and wish I could afford to buy them all. :)

  8. We had to send some of our Thomas trains back too. We didn't get Oliver though, my son would've loved that. We got Trevor. Oh well.

  9. I'm glad I don't have any of those toys. It's probably because we don't buy them very often!



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